Europe's leading 5G ecosystem forum

Phygital event | November 22-25, 2021

Europe's leading 5G  ecosystem forum

Riga, Latvia | November 22-25, 2021

The platform for cross-border, cross-sectoral, and cross-level collaboration

Bringing together the thought leaders, business vanguards, top scientists and policy makers to set the agenda for the realization of a strong 5G ecosystem.

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How to fund 5G?


Private 5G Networks

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Juris Binde

Hilary Mine

Paolo Campoli

Reinis Āzis

Torsten Küpper

Christian Regnier

Hilary Mine

Diane Rinaldo

Paolo Campoli

Anne Stephan

Barbara Pareglio

Greg Belaus

Karin Thurberg

Linus Thrybom

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Welcome to 5G Techritory, the platform for exchange.

The 5G Techritory platform is an initiative to bring together every aspect of 5G for a faster and more swift implementation and commercialization of 5G to increase the pace of economic development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Because one vendor alone,
One government alone,
One mobile operator alone,

Will not be able to implement 5G.
It has to be a collaborative effort.

5G Techritory Forum 2021

November 22-25, 2021

The event will bring together global practitioners to share the real value of 5G, open new horizons for the implementation of 5G, and set the agenda for policies and strategies into the new decade.
The phygital (combined physical and digital) event will repeat the previous year's award-winning format, with in-person stages and moderators, but with digital speaker and attendee participation, leading to truly global reach.

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