2018.10.10. ‘’5G Techritory’’ showcases the opportunities of 5G technology in the Baltic Sea region and beyond
2018.09.28. LMT demonstrates the 5G network in Latvia for the first time
2018.09.28. The Digital Baltic Road memorandum will accelerate the deployment of 5G mobile communications network in the Baltics
2018.09.25. Key global players in 5G technology will gather in Riga this week for‘’5G Techritory’’ forum
2018.09.19. Within the framework of ‘’5G Techritory’’ Forum Riga will become a capital of Europe 5G Network
2018.09.13. ‘’5G Ideation’’ will showcase the opportunities of 5G technology for startups
2018.08.23. Taking the lead in digital transformation – “5G Techritory” forum in Riga
2018.06.07. The leading 5G players from all over the world will meet in Latvia

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