October 19, 10:00-13:00 (EEST)

5G for sustainability, the future role of 6G


This event will focus on the sustainability challenges for the forthcoming 6G system. Talking about sustainability in a thorough mode, encompassing environmental, social and economical drivers towards a sustainable and user-centric future system layout.

The event is supported by the project SNS-ICE, in the context of Horizon Europe Joint Undertaking SNS, and will see an active participation of the project Hexa-X-II, in JU SNS as well, playing the role of flagship project towards 6G standardization in the next years.

Speakers from GSMA, 6GIA and EGDC, among the others, will help discussing on this very central topic from all the possible perspective, with an active involvement of the audience in dedicated sections of the agenda.

Planned sessions:

  • Mobile net zero targets and the enablement effect (P. Castells, Head of GSMA Economic Affairs)
  • Presentation of a Whitepaper on Sustainability (6G IA)
  • The 6GIA Flagship project of SNS JU  will co host this co creation workshop and has offered following speeches:
    • The three pillars of HEXA X II towards 6G: sustainability, inclusion, trustworthiness – Mikko Uusitalo (Nokia)
    • Environmental, societal and economical drivers for 6G sustainability – Maurizio Cecchi (Institute PIIU)
    • Sustainability : the enablement effect – Mauro Boldi (TIM)

Participation in the event:

Free of charge, but invitation-only, if you want to participate please register your interest at: https://forms.gle/NjqLFThZaGxUbX5C9

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