October 19, 14:00-17:00 (EEST)

5G for verticals: from large scale trials to adoption, driving economic value in Europe



It takes 10 years for a new mobile technology to become commercially available. Research, standardization, trials for validation, network deployment are needed steps to bring to market a new generation of mobile technology. 5G was not an exception. In Europe, the 5G Public-Private Partnership (5GPPP) incubated 5G, from research to trials. Then industrial players brought it to market making 5G technology the fastest mobile technology for adoption worldwide. Currently, the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS-JU) is playing a similar role in what concerns R&D activities towards the definition of 6G technologies.

This co creation event will share 5GPPP and SNS JU experience in developing mobile technologies. 6G-IA members will share results on trials to validate vertical uses cases, while industrial players will share their experience to bring 5G to real world.

A view on the impact of 5G in the real-world economies will complete the session and trigger a panel discussion.


  • Welcome and introduction to the co-creation workshop [R. de Peppe, C. Antón-Haro
  • Large-scale 5G Trials and Pilots in Europe:
    * An overview of 5G -PPP pan-European T&Ps with Verticals [C. Antón-Haro, CTTC]
    * 5G trials for smart assisted navigation: practical experiences from VITAL-5G project [G. Landi, Nextworks]
    * NTN systems and technology developments in support of 5G verticals [M. Guta, ESA] 
  • 5G Success Stories: commercial deployments in selected verticals
    * 5G in the railway/logistics sector
    -> Integration, operation and services [S. Alsina, Cellnex]
    -> Architecture and technology [V. Kaukomaa, Nokia]
    * 5G-enabled AR/VR for defence applications [E. Lidere, LMT] 
  • 5G Economic Impact [P. Castells, GSMA]
  • Coffee Break
  • Panel discussion: 5G for verticals: lessons learnt, challenges and what comes next
  • Wrap up/takeways and next steps for 5G Techritory 2024 [K. Trichias, 6G-IA]


Participation in the event:

Free of charge, but invitation-only, if you want to participate please register your interest at: https://forms.gle/w9AEpvvq7Zp8JeBM8

For more information, please contact the organizers:

Raffaele de Peppe , 6G-IA Governing Board Vice-chair, Vertical TF Chair, TIM – raffaele.depeppe@telecomitalia.it

Carles Antón-Haro, SNS-JU Governing Board Member, Trials WG Chair, CTTC – carles.anton@cttc.es

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