5G Techritory 2021 in review

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A record-breaking phygital event discussing 5G deployment and industry innovations.

Bigger and better – that’s how 5G Techritory looked in 2021. This year we broke several records and introduced several first-time elements – 4 days, World Day and the launch of the League of 5G Excellence, B2B matchmaking platform Emporium, and more.

5G Techritory 2021 delivered 96 sessions, gathered a record number of 2589 participants from 111 countries and 250 speakers from 34 countries.

5G Techritory has paved its way towards being Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem event. We’re delighted to see a growing interest not only in the number of participants but also among the 5G stakeholders involved. 

Thanks to all who made the 4th edition of 5G Techritory the fantastic and record-breaking event that it was!


Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen

Deputy Secretary-General


Paula Lehtomaki


Nordic Council of Ministers

Colin Willcock

Chairman of the Board


Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Michel Van Bellinghen



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09:00 - 09:20

Opening Ceremony

Artūrs Toms Plešs

Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Kaspars Rožkalns

Director-General, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)

Jānis Bārda

Chairman of the Board, Electronic Communications Office of Latvia

09:25 - 09:40

Alpha Stage

Behind the scenes: Telenor multi-vendor 5G standalone solution

Few companies have more hands-on experience and knowledge in the domain of building multivendor telecom networks than Telenor and Red Hat. In this exciting session, we will hear directly from the experts on their multivendor, cloud based vision and vision and edge-cloud vision and real value of doing this.

Timo Jokiaho

Chief Technologist - Global Telco, Red Hat, Inc.

Patrick Waldemar

Vice President, Telenor ASA

09:45 - 10:00

Alpha Stage

From Tetra to 4G/5G Mission Critical Network in Finland - the Elisa case study

The Finnish case study on Mission Critical Networks is considered one of the best examples across Europe. In this fascinating session, the key players will tell us about the steps to prepare commercial networks for public safety, and what 5G will change.

Thomas Rehberg

Head of Public Safety Market Segment, Nokia

Ville Syrjänen

GTM Corporate Mobility Solutions, Elisa

10:05 - 11:05

Alpha Stage

5G PPP Infrastructure Projects – Key findings

This is one of our favorite sessions of 5G Techritory 2021. We are delighted to have with us the 5G Industry Association for a holistic discussion on their activities and projects. In this session, we will hear about their vision, initiatives but also results from their various projects. The objective is to share knowledge and provide information on how participants can find out more regarding collaboration.

Alexandros Kaloxylos

Executive Director, The 5G Infrastructure Association

Mauro Renato Boldi

Project Manager, Telecom Italia

Harilaos Koumaras

Research Assistant Professor, NCSR Demokritos

Anastasius Gavras

Program Manager, Eurescom GmbH

11:10 - 11:25

Alpha Stage

The new present and quantum data transmission

Science and technical provision sharing between LVRTC and IMCS UL. The quantum data transmission tests carried out and the challenges of the future – the first steps to establish a safe path. The key benefits and cyber defense.

Evijs Taube

Director of the Technology Department, Latvia State Radio and Television Center

Leo Trukšāns

Senior Researcher, IMCS UL

11:30 - 12:10

Alpha Stage

5G Trends, Disruption and Opportunities - Hosted by GSA

2021 was an exciting year for 5G deployment. All around the Globe we see extensive activity across all sorts of 5G flavors. GSA is one of the organizations closer to these activities and they have a wide and deep view across the board. In this session they have assembled an expert panel to discuss the key findings and what to look forward to with 5G.

Joe Barrett

President, Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)

Ulrich Dropmann

Head of Standardization and Industry Environment, Nokia

Howard Benn

VP Communications Research, Samsung

Alain Mourad

Senior Director, InterDigital

Emmanuel Coelho Alves

Senior Wireless Director, Huawei

12:15 - 12:30

Alpha Stage

5G and Edge for Real Estate

One of the most interesting applications of 5G is in the real estate industry. In this sector they are extensively using digital twins, XR and AI to ensure quality, speed, and safety. In this session we have some of the thought leaders in the area to discuss these applications and look at a specific collaboration on Private 5G in Paris.

Aaron Partouche

5G & Edge Innovation Director, Colt Technology Services

Pierre-Louis Couette

Leader Onepoint – IT Strategy for Real Estate & Construction verticals, ONEPOINT

13:00 - 13:40

Alpha Stage

The Future of Mission Critical Services

The old Tetra networks can no longer support the needs of modern police, firefighters, and first-response heroes. Mission critical networks of the future will need to be very capable, flexible, reliable, and secure. In this important panel discussion, we gathered some of the leaders in this field to discuss the latest trends, reequipments and learnings. An important objective of our discussion will be to explain how European governments can act quickly to deploy such essential networks.

Harald Ludwig

Managing Director, Arico Technologies

Charlotte Roesener

New Business Development Manager / Leading Mission Critical Services, Frequentis AG

Fidel Liberal

Professor, Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU)

Knut Baltzersen

Specialist director, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

13:45 - 14:00

Alpha Stage

Setting SLAs for Private Network

Once you deploy a private network, it’s essential to have the right Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place to avoid disaster. If the production line stops or it the robots don’t work right, there must be a clear set of rules that establishes ownership, responsibility, and success. In this session, we will hear from the experts on both the vendor and customer sides on the best practices for setting SLAs. A session not to be missed.

Nanda Menon

Director - Corporate Development, Athonet

Catherine Gull

Head of UK Private Networks, Cellnex/Edzcom

14:05 - 14:20

Alpha Stage


One of our favorite European projects is Fudge-5G. In this fascinating discussion, two experts will describe to us their achievements, findings, and lessons from this exciting project.

Kennet Nomeland

RADIO SYSTEM ARCHITECT, Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency

Patrick Waldemar

Vice President, Telenor ASA

14:25 - 14:40

Alpha Stage

5G for Smart Cities: BCP Council’s Smart Place a case study from the UK

5G and smart cities are closely related topics. In this session, we have the opportunity to hear about the innovative activities in the UK and especially in the BCP region (Note: BCP = Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch).

Vassilis Seferidis


Xavier Nuñez

Smart Place Innovation Lead, BCP Council

14:45 - 15:25

Alpha Stage

5GMED project

One of our favorite 5G PPP projects is 5G MED. The projects objective is to investigate a sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridors. In this panel, we have the honor to hear directly from the leaders of this project on the latest findings and lessons from their various test beds.

Xavier Jofre

Head of Digital Innovation, Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Pierre-Yves Petton

Telecom & IoT Research Program leader, SNCF

Raul Gonzalez Prats

Senior Product Manager Collaborative Project, Cellnex Telecom

Xavier Daura

Innovation manager, Abertis Autopistas

15:30 - 15:45

Alpha Stage

The Edge secret to success is Collaboration

We are all eager to learn about real edge-cloud applications and their results. In this interesting fireside chat we will hear from the experts on case studies, their findings, and the future of edge-cloud 5G.

Francois Duchene

Vice President Wireless Solutions EMEA, Casa Systems

Nitish Amin

Global Telco Alliance Manager, Red Hat, Inc.

15:50 - 16:30

Alpha Stage

The Bleeding Edge of AI

AI means different things to different people. Everyone is talking about it and playing with it, but what are the real opportunities and challenges? 5G Techritory is honored to have some of the thought leaders in AI to talk to us about the status, the opportunities, and the risks from this fascinating technology.

Johannes Castner

Founder, CollectiWise Inc

Anima Anandkumar

ML Research Director , NVIDIA

Anastasius Gavras

Program Manager, Eurescom GmbH

Konstantinos Botsaris

Senior Manager, Digital Innovation, KPMG

Nathan Cruz Coulson

Senior Technologist for Responsible and Ethical AI, Digital Catapult

16:35 - 16:50

Alpha Stage

Security for 5G Mission Critical networks - it's ready!

Security is very important in 5G networks but essential to mission critical networks. In this interesting discussion, we will hear from real experts on the developments of security in such networks and why they believe that security aspects are now mature and ready for implementation.

Andreas Kunz

Senior Researcher, Lenovo

Tim Woodward

Systems Architecture and Standards Engineering, Motorola Solutions, Inc.

16:55 - 17:35

Alpha Stage

5G Rail

Rail has very strict and specific requirements for safety and control. Additionally, it presents a strong revenue opportunity for eMBB and other uses. In this interesting session, we will hear about the latest trends and status of 5G in the rail sector.

Andy Billington

Innovation and Sustainability Expert, RB Rail / Rail Baltica

Peteveikko Lyly

Expert, mobile networks, FTIA

Heikki Kaaranen

Specialist, Proxion Oy

17:40 - 17:55

Alpha Stage

Urban Towers for 5G Densification

In the US we see signficant innovation when it comes to wireles towers in urban centers. Marquee Wireless has some of the most interesting products in the market. In this exciting session, they will be discussing the latest trends and benefits of such solutions. We will also raise the question of why such solutions are not yet deployed in Europe.

Dimitrios Lalos

CEO, Marquee Wireless

09:25 - 09:40

Beta stage

5G goes Cloud Native: The joint journey of Swisscom and AWS

Recently we’ve been seeing daily announcements of network function migrations to the cloud. In this fascinating session we will hear from a leading European Operator and a Cloud Operator on their motivation and experience to undertake on such a disruptive project.

Mark Düsener

Head of Mobile Network and Mass Market Communications, Swisscom

Mariano Vecchioli

Head of Technology & Solutions Architecture, AWS

09:45 - 10:00

Beta stage

5G Talking Traffic

Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality and the global leadership of 5G AA is setting the course. In this discussion, we will hear the latest in this area from the experts.

Dr. Johannes Springer


10:05 - 10:45

Beta stage

5G Intelligent Transport Systems and Services - hosted by ERTICO

We are delighted to welcome one of the most elite group of projects in Europe on intelligent transport. In this panel, and with the leadership of ERTICO, we gather some of the top European projects in this domain for an exciting discussion. A session not be missed!

Eusebiu Catana

Senior manager I&D, ERTICO-ITS Europe

Ralf Willenbrock

Product & Portfolio Manager, T-Systems International GmbH

Oihana Otaegui

Department Director, Vicomtech

Coen Bresser

Senior Manager, ERTICO - ITS Europe

Janez Sterle


10:50 - 11:05

Beta stage

5G vs 4G for Industry 4.0 – Learnings from the 5G - ENCODE Project

Nothing beats hands-on experience for learning. The 5G ENCODE project has been running for some time now and the experts have gathered extensive insights on both 4G and 5G private networks. In this exciting fireside chat we will hear first-hand from the experts on their experience with such networks.

Vassilis Seferidis


Marc Funnell

Director of Digital Engineering, National Composites Centre

11:10 - 11:25

Beta stage

The 5G INDUCE project, the case study of Whirlpool

5G-INDUCE targets the development of an open, ETSI NFV compatible, 5G orchestration platform for the deployment of advanced 5G NetApps.

Dimitrios Klonidis

Head of Network Softwarization and IoT group, UBITECH

Enrica Bosani

Manufacturing R&D Project manager, Whirlpool EMEA

11:30 - 12:10

Beta stage

How to accelerate deployment of high-capacity networks in Europe - Hosted by DIGITALEUROPE

DIGITALEUROPE is the leading trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe. Together with over 35,000 businesses that operate and invest in Europe, DIGITALEUROPE shapes the industry policy positions on all relevant legislative matters and contributes to the development and implementation of relevant EU policies. As such, DIGITALEUROPE is invested in working toward a more connected Europe to boost growth and inclusion. In this panel discussion, speakers will discuss how to accelerate deployment of very high-capacity networks in order to achieve the European Digital Decade targets 2030.

Alberto Di Felice

Director for Infrastructure, Privacy and Security, DIGITALEUROPE

Daniel Gueorguiev

Director, Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson

Franco Accordino

Head of Unit 'Investment in High-Capacity Networks' DG CONNECT, European Commission

12:15 - 12:30

Beta stage

5G and VIA BALTICA highway - intelligent technology lift

The construction of 5G and VIA Baltica as a shared responsibility for the development of the country. A knowledge-based testing ground for the creation of technological opportunities, identification and prevention of risks and the integration of security measures. Will we be able to compete with major powers for business deployment and production relocation. Education and social dialogue.

Tālis Linkaits

Minister of Transport of Latvia, The Ministry of Transport Republic of Latvia

Ģirts Ozols

Member of the Board, Latvia State Radio and Television Center

13:00 - 13:40

Beta stage

5G Drones European Leadership

Drones are essential to the digitalization of various sectors. We see many projects across Europe with different levels of maturity. In this important panel discussion, we will hear from the thought leaders in this domain on the latest status and lessons from various activities.

Thomas Neubauer

VP Innovations, TEOCO

Ralph Schepp

MD and COO, Droniq GmbH

Ingmars Pukis

VP & Member of the Management Board, LMT

Günter Graf

Vice President New Business Development, Frequentis AG

13:45 - 14:00

Beta stage


Drones is a great use case for 5G, but one that is complex because it involves airtraffic control and many other safety dimensions. One of our favorite cases in happening in Latvia and in this exciting session, we will hear the details from the leaders of this project.

Thomas Neubauer

VP Innovations, TEOCO

Aigars Benders

Technical Director, LMT

14:05 - 14:20

Beta stage

5G Egypt: A New Emerging Digital Center

Egypt is an up-and-coming digital center with multiple activities across various sectors. They are even building 2 new future cities designed for digital innovation from the ground up with 5G embedded into the design. In this exciting session we will hear about all these amazing developments directly from His Excellency the Deputy Minister himself.

Mohamed Amin

IEEE Industry Ambassador, IEEE

Khaled El Attar

Vice Minister - Digital Transformation, Automation and Administrative Development, The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

14:25 - 14:40

Beta stage

Democratizing the Edge

Edge cloud is a hot topic across regions in various applications. It’s even considered essential for applications regarding autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and the metaverse. In this session, we will have an interesting discussion between experts in this area who will give us the latest trends and their own vision of this technology.

Francesca Serravalle

Emerging Technology Director, Colt Technology Services

Lanne Fabien

Telecom Industry Technical leader EMEA, IBM

14:45 - 15:25

Beta stage

European 5G Ecosystems: how regional centers can play a big role

The mission of 5G Techritory is to drive the development of 5G Ecosystems in the Baltic Sea region but also across Europe and beyond. This is one of the most important sessions of the forum because here we will focus on how such Ecosystems can be enabled and even accelerated. We have the honor to welcome speaker from all across Europe to discuss how they see such developments in their respective regions and which actions are needed to strenghten and interconnect the various initiatives.

Ioannis Tomkos

Professor, University of Patras

Athanasios Staveris-Polykalas

Secretary-General, Telecommunications & Posts at Government of the Hellenic Republic

Neils Kalniņš

5G Techritory Forum Director, Electronic Communications Office of Latvia

Ioannis Neokosmidis

CEO, inCITES Consulting S.A.

George Michaelides

Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner of Communications

15:30 - 15:45

Beta stage

5G FWA : It is the killer app?

One of our favorite use cases for 5G is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and this trend seems to be catching on globally. One of the best examples of such a case is by Mikrotik and LMT, who will be sharing their experience in this interesting discussion.

John Tully

CEO, MikroTik

Ingmars Pukis

VP & Member of the Management Board, LMT

15:50 - 16:30

Beta stage

XR and the Metaverse

XR is emerging as one of the most interesting digital technologies for 5G. The field is advancing quickly across Augmented, Virtual and Collaborative Realities, and we see real applications across various sectors like I4, maritime, education, and defence to name a few. At the same time, we observe the emergence of the Metaverse as the base platform where all the future realities will be developed. Additionally, there are projects that are integrating digital twins with the Metaverse and XR technologies to create amazing new immersive experiences. All these require a very powerful network and significant capabilities at the edge. And here comes 5G and 6G on the horizon.

David Weir-McCall

AEC Strategic Development, Epic Games

Mika Luimula

Research Group Leader, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Nicolas Waern

CEO/Founder, Strategy Advisor & Digital Twin Specialist, WINNIIO

Marios Nicolaou

Program Director, 5G Techritory

16:35 - 16:50

Beta stage

Benefits and value of testing areas in ports

Many of the world’s ports are active players in the field of innovation ecosystem. The port can offer its infrastructure, specialists and knowledge, encouraging tests of new technologies, helping scientists to develop and grow. The next step now – to create a specialized pilot area in the port’s industrial zone to provide possibility for testing newly created digital solutions. This is how we can succeed together – the port will benefit from the projects of that kind by using more efficient and modern technological solutions, while equipment manufacturers, engineers and high value-added service providers – test, adapt and improve their ideas, products and services in a real-life environment.

Viesturs Zeps


Mira Juola


16:55 - 17:35

Beta stage

The Elephant That is Not in the Room - Where are the 5G devices?

In order for the vertical sectors to enable the potential of 5G, the most important element is 5G devices. These need to have the right specifications and price point. In this fascinating panel discussion, we will discuss the problem head-on and find the available solutions with three companies who have product available today.

Nanda Menon

Director - Corporate Development, Athonet

Sander Rotmensen

Director of Industrial Wireless Communication, Siemens AG

Daniel Quant

VP Strategic Development, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc

Daniel Hollaender

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Xiaomi Technology Germany GmbH

17:40 - 17:55

Beta stage

Fireside chat: The Journey to 5G Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Services are complex projects to start because they involve many dimensions and departments. The good news is that there are now many good examples to follow and there is no need to re-invent the wheel. In this important discussion, we will hear from a real case study on the main lessons and things to look out for.

Charlotte Roesener

New Business Development Manager / Leading Mission Critical Services, Frequentis AG

Knut Baltzersen

Specialist director, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

18:00 - 18:40

Beta stage

5G & Satellite - Hosted by ESOA

Satellite and terrestrial networks are increasing their collaboration for a full coverage solution. We at 5G Techritory see these technologies as complementary to each other and necessary to bring the extensive coverage required for rural communities and specific use cases in agriculture, mining, and many others. In this important session, we will hear from the European leaders in satellite on the status and future of this important domain.

Aarti Holla-Maini

Secretary-General, ESOA

Wanshi Chen

TSG RAN Plenary Chair, 3GPP

Daniela Petrovic

Delivery Director, Darwin Innovation Group

Salim Yaghmour

Director, Innovation & Service Architecture, Intelsat

09:20 - 09:35


ITU-R satellite developments relevant for IMT-2020

In this important session, the ITU will give us a comprehensive view of global activities in satellite and how this technology is essential and complementary to 5G development.

Nelson Malaguti

Counsellor, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

09:35 - 09:50


5G ITU-T Standardization

Speaker: Bilel Jamoussi, Chief of Study Groups Department, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, ITU

Everyone is closely watching the 5G standardization process. which is driving a lot of the innovation in our sector. In this session, we have the honor to hear directly from the ITU on the status, challenges, and future of this important global activity.

Bilel Jamoussi

Chief, Study Groups Department, TSB, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

09:50 - 10:05


Global 5G DEVICE trends by GSA

5G devices are already following a much faster trajectory than their 4G equivalent. No one is better suited to give us a global update on the status and trends than GSA. We look forward to this session to find out the state of the industry with devices.

Simon Sherrington

Managing Director, Innovation Observatory

10:05 - 10:20


5G Global Trends by GSMA

Very few organisations have the global visibility as GSMA. We are delighted to have them on our program to tell us about the latest trends on 5G from all around the world.

Matthew Iji

Director of Networks and Services, GSMA Intelligence

10:20 - 10:35


5G Status in Japan

5G Techritory is delighted to have one of the thought leaders in 5G and beyond as our guest during this year’s event. We look forward to this session to find out the latest 5G trends from one of the most advanced countries in the world.

Takehiro Nakamura

SVP & GM of 6G Laboratories, NTT DOCOMO

10:35 - 10:50


A converged mobile core on hybrid cloud for Belgium – A talk by Telenet, Google and Nokia

Service Providers need a fast, efficient method to launch and grow 5G services. Telenet Belgium selected Google Anthos and Nokia for the deployment of their cloud-native 5G Standalone Core.

Luk Bruynseels

VP Engineering, Telenet

Peter Kurta

Head of Advanced Solutions Design, Core Networks, Nokia

10:50 - 11:05


Value of 5G in Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry operates in some of the most remote and harsh environments on Earth. For this reason, they require advanced digital systems for safety and operations. Drones, VR and AI are already used extensively in this sector and private 5G is probably the best solution for connectivity of such demanding applications. In this session we will explore the status and future of 5G for O&G.

Stephen Douglas

Head of Market Strategy, Spirent Communications PLC

11:05 - 11:20


How robots experience 5G network quality

It’s probable that no other organization has a more educated global view on private networks than Rohde & Schwarz. In this session, Anne Stephan will give us a holistic view from across the world on the status, performance, and next steps regarding private networks.

Anne Stephan

Vice President Mobile Network Testing, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

11:20 - 11:35


5G Routes- Future of Mobility

The 5G-ROUTES project is a leading activity for autonomous vehicles in the Baltic region. We are excited to hear all about the latest findings and learnings from this important project.

Arturs Lindenbergs

Innovations Lead, Head of Mobility Innovations, LMT

11:35 - 11:50


The Power of Networks

Europe is a digital transformation trailblazer and on a solid path to empower citizens and businesses with a sustainable digital society by 2030. New technologies including 5G and associated ecosystems are a fundamental pillar in driving this change. Join Jan van Tetering to see how Nokia is powering this transformation and helping to keep Europe in the lead.

Jan van Tetering

Senior Vice President Europe, Nokia

11:50 - 12:05


5G Journey of Swisscom

Swisscom is a 5G leader and this is a story of their journey to 5G and what the future holds.

Mark Düsener

Head of Mobile Network and Mass Market Communications, Swisscom

12:05 - 12:20


Latest developments in Open RAN

Few people have a better global view on Open RAN networks than John Baker. Mavenir is a leading company in this space. It is a founding member of the O-RAN Alliance and a global player in this important new technology. In this session he will give us the latest trends, findings, and future of Open RAN.

John Baker

SVP, Business Development, Mavenir

12:20 - 12:35


IS-Wireless & Open RAN

Breaking down the RAN silo paves the way to fully open ecosystem around mobile networks. This ecosystem is a self-driving mechanism triggering innovations, imposes paradigms change and questions old well known “good practices from the past”. IS-Wireless is an Open RAN wave 2 vendor ready to embrace new challenges of the future. In this session you will hear, among other topics, “how great hockey players find their way to success”.

Artur Chmielewski

Head of Business Development, IS-Wireless

12:35 - 12:50


Rohde & Schwarz & Open RAN

Open RAN is happening everywhere and quickly becoming a reality. Rohde & Schwarz is present in many of these new networks and measures performance and many other dimensions. In this session, we will hear invaluable insights from the experts of measurement equipment.

Alexander Pabst

Vice President Market Segment Wireless Communications, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

12:50 - 13:05


Sigfox: Logistics End to End Enabler

There’s more than one way to support IoT. In this session, we will hear from world leader Sigfox, on their solutions and findings.

Peter Hedberg

Operator Relations Manager, Sigfox

13:05 - 13:40


AI-on-5G: Bringing Connected Intelligence to the Edge

AI-on-5G opens important new prospects for Enterprises will change the way industry makes decisions, manufactures things and operate the industries of tomorrow. The NVIDIA accelerated computing platform has ignited modern AI — the next era of industrial computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. NVIDIA and Softbank are working together on new innovations in this exciting domain and they are pushing the technology forward in joint projects. In this discussion we will hear from both NVIDIA and Softbank on the breakthrough work they are doing together to create the next generation of technology.

Emeka Obiodu

Marketing Manager - Telecoms, NVIDIA

Soma Velayutham

AI & 5G Industry General Manager, NVIDIA

Ryuji Wakikawa

Vice President, Advanced Technology Division, Softbank Corp.

13:40 - 13:55


5G Defense

The advancements in Norway on 5G defense networks never cease to amaze us. In this cutting-edge talk, Kennet Nomeland will describe the latest innovations and activities in this important field, and he will even provide advice on how to do it right.

Kennet Nomeland

Radio System Architect, Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency

13:55 - 14:10


Enabling the flow of 5G lifeblood: challenges and solutions of radio frequency spectrum technical supervision

Radio frequency spectrum is a natural resource and environment for the transmission of radio signals, without which no one radio communications system could operate, whether it is a 5G or any other generation communication system. This presentation provides a short insight into how in real working conditions the technical supervision of frequency spectrum in Latvia carried out, to ensure the sustainable and high-quality availability of this resource. Join Lauris Labanovskis to see how the effective cooperation between spectrum users and the national spectrum administration, and how innovative technical solutions in this field can help to ensure full operation of radio communications systems and provision of quality communication services to customers.

Lauris Labanovskis

Head of Spectrum Supervision Division, Electronic Communications Office of Latvia

14:10 - 14:25


The 3 Keys to Success with Enterprise 5G

We’re off and running in the 5G era with global deployments growing daily. Enterprise customers see it as a tool which could enhance their operations, but they are looking for more clarity on a few key questions. In this session we’ll discuss the dynamics and net out the top 3 factors for success in this growing market.

Bob Everson

Senior Director of 5G Architecture, Cisco Systems, Inc.

14:25 - 14:40


France: Recovery Plan for 5G and cybersecurity

We are honored and excited for this session where the Government of France will describe how they are using 5G and implementing security.

Adrien Bresson

Digital and Security Project director, Directorate-General for enterprise

14:40 - 14:55


Satellite Strategies in Europe by ESOA

Satellite connectivity is very important for Europe. In this interesting session, we will hear directly from the ESOA on their vision, activities, collaboration with 5G bodies.

Stephen Spengler

Chairman, EMEA Satellite Operators Association

14:55 - 15:10


5G Drones: State of the industry by GUTMA

GUTMA is the leading global association for drones. We look forward to this presentation to hear the latest in this area from the co-president.

Sebastian Babiarz

Co-president, GUTMA

15:10 - 15:25


5G Analytics for the C-Suite

Clever leaders need clever data. In this session, Dima Alkin will tell us about TEOCO’s capabilities and solutions to enable leaders to take educated decision.

Dima Alkin

VP Service Assurance, TEOCO Corporation

15:25 - 15:40


The 5G Revolution is about to start!

Zahid is a well-respected thought leader in our field. In this exciting session, he will give us his view on the status and future of 5G. Highly anticipated talk.

Zahid Ghadialy

Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless

15:40 - 15:55


Who is Barcelona Mobile World Capital

It is a great honor for 5G Techritory to have our colleagues from Barcelona Mobile World Capital. In this interesting session, they will give us a view of their current activities and lessons.

Xavier Jofre

Head of Digital Innovation, Mobile World Capital Barcelona

15:55 - 16:10


Global overview of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming, called gaming on demand or gaming-as-a-service, is a type of online gaming that runs video games on remote servers and streams them directly to a user’s device, or playing a game remotely from a cloud. This presentation covers global cloud gaming statistics of consumer behavior, market trends and telco references.

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy

Founder, Global 5G Evolution

16:10 - 16:25


5G Intelligent Transport Systems and Services - by ERTICO

When it comes to intelligent transport systems and services, ERTICO is the though leader. We are honoured to have their CEO for a overview on the state of the industry.

Jacob Bangsgaard


16:25 - 16:40


Global FWA trends by GSA

We believe that FWA is a killer app for 5G. In this important session we will hear directly from GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum on their activities, global deployments, device and market trends.

Julien Grivolas

EU Director Wireless Network Industry Development / Chair, Huawei / GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum

16:40 - 16:55



CYTA is the Leader in the implementation of 5G and this is the Journey to the Fastest Mobile Network in Europe Award.

Chrysis Phiniotis

Chief Technology and Informatics Officer (CTIO), Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)

16:55 - 17:10


Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification: Essential Training for Success

Very few organizations in the world have the history and prestige of Bell Labs. We are delighted to see that they are willing to share some of their knowledge with us, so join this session to get a view of their training and certification programs.

Mark Bass

Advanced Learning Solutions Leader, Nokia

17:10 - 17:25


Private Networks update by Ericsson

Private networks have entered most sectors with a speed that few expected. Here to tell us about the latest status, lessons, and future is one of the industry’s leaders.

Jeff Travers

Dedicated Network, Customer Success Lead, Ericsson

17:25 - 17:40


5G for defense (showcased by iMUGS Consortium)

The future role of 5G in autonomous military solutions has just been demonstrated by LMT, the leading mobile network operator in Latvia, in collaboration with the iMUGS (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) Consortium. LMT Innovation lead Armands Meirāns will tell you about the demonstration, during which various scenarios were played out in battlefield with the aim of showcasing the results of the iMUGS project – one of Europe’s leading defense industry development projects. The demonstration was organized by LMT, one of the members of the iMUGS consortium, with the support of the Latvian National Armed Forces and the project coordinator Milrem Robotics.

Armands Meirāns

Innovation lead, Business Management Department , LMT

17:40 - 17:55


IoT lives NOW! 4G is good enough! 4G is good enough... 4G is good enough?

IoT world is pragmatic to the bone – it uses connectivity which is efficient and not “fancy”. This is the world where 2G still dominates…and 4G is just beginning to take a strong position. But how long this “status quo” will last and how 5G technology can join the IoT “club” today?

Jans Jelinskis

Technical Director, 1NCE

17:55 - 18:10


Securing 5G – the challenges and opportunities

Mobile networks are an ever increasing platform to build business systems on top of. The 5G platform brings higher than ever bandwidths together with low latencies, opening up new opportunities for data intensive services. In order to provide those services at their best, other recent paradigms such as edge computing also need to be integrated. The winners of this new race will be those who can manage both the services and the data in a secure manner, balancing commercial advantage gained from the data insights against the cost of necessary security, and without incurring regulatory disapproval or becoming the latest data breach public relations disaster.

Ian Shatwell

Senior Consultant, Net Reply

18:10 - 18:25


A new association for Private Spectrum in Europe

Private networks needs spectrum but this is not available in most of European countries. European regulators have taken different routes to provide spectrum to enterprises but we don’t see a joint initiative and this creates issues for adoption. This talk is by a new association EUWENA (European Users of Wireless Enterprise Networks Association) which wants to unite the voices of enterprises to get more spectrum for private networks.

Christian Regnier


18:25 - 18:40


5G Strategies in the UAE

In this talk we will hear an update about the 5G vision, status and future in UAE. The UAE is a leading technological country in the middle-east and we are very excited to hear on their experience, learnings and what they plan to do next.

Majed Sultan Al Mesmar

Director-General, Telecommunications Digital Government Regulatory Authority

18:40 - 18:55


5G Operator Experience from CK Hutchison

CK Hutchison is one of our favorite global groups with assets across telecom, maritime, real estate, and more. We are impressed to see how they combine digital technologies in Telecom and across sectors to create fascinating innovations. We look forward to this session to hear about their latest activities and thoughts for the future.

Graham Wilde

Head of 5G Business Development, CKH IOD