Agenda 2022

*Time indicated in Eastern European Time (EET)

10:00 - 10:30

Policy & Strategy Stage

Opening Ceremony

Krišjānis Kariņš

Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia, Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia

Valdis Dombrovskis

Executive Vice-President, European Commission

Tomas Lamanauskas

Deputy Secretary-General Elect, ITU

Jonas Wendel

Acting Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers

10:40 - 11:20

Policy & Strategy Stage

The path to digitalization: EU International Strategy

How can we get back to European leadership in global digitization processes in the current geopolitical reality? In the opening panel discussion of 5G Techritory, we will hear from the highest level of representatives of the European Union and its associated organizations as they dissect global development tendencies in the context of European strategies, and their role in digitalization. The discussion will touch on the influence of international trade processes on digitalization and societal well-being and, importantly, our region’s ambition in relation to the rest of the world. Which are the potential areas of cooperation and which are not?

Colin Willcock

Chairman of the Governing Board, 6G IA

Konstantinos Masselos

President / Chair for 2023, Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission / BEREC

Jaroslaw Ponder

Head of the ITU Office for Europe, International Telecommunication Union

Ulrik Knudsen

Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Thibaut Kleiner

Director of Policy, Strategy, and Outreach, European Commission

10:40 - 11:00

Innovation & Technology Stage

Hierarchical Multi-tier Energy Markets Based on Smart Grids and 5G

Decarbonization policies coupled with technological innovations are changing the energy market landscape in a substantial way. The mature, classical wholesale energy markets are being augmented with local energy markets to meet local energy needs of various groups for the energy transition, often in response to environmental considerations and regulatory incentives.

Recent developments in ICT, especially the emerging 5G networks, can effectively address many of the challenges and meet the requirements of the hierarchical, multi-tier energy markets that are critical for the transition to a decarbonized economy. Listen to this fascinating discussion as Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos and Prof. Alexios Birbas cover the future of smart, green energy grids.

Alex Papalexopoulos

President & CEO, ECCO International, Inc.

Alexios Birbas

Professor, University of Patras

11:20 - 12:00

Innovation & Technology Stage

Future Port

The maritime sector is undergoing an extensive transformation to reduce the impact on the environment, enhance efficiency, and safety. This is done through the introduction of digital technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, Autonomy, and XR and connectivity via next generation terrestrial and space networks. This panel discussion will focus on the state of the sector digitalisation, the obstacles / barriers and what can be done to accelerate and strengthen this transformation. We will also address topics of certification for autonomous vessels, insurance and liability, as well as strategic cooperation of ports to ensure synchronous development.

Marios Nicolaou

Senior Consultant, Coleago

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

Head of Maritime Business, Enterprise Sales, Nokia

Rob Watson

Director, MBTC, Plymouth City Council

Öner Dabi

Solution Architect, Frequentis

Santiago Encabo

Senior Project Officer, EMSA

Ansis Zeltins

CEO, Freeport of Riga Authority

11:40 - 12:20

Policy & Strategy Stage


The Metaverse has been one of the hottest topics in the industry this year. We have seen that many companies have their own definition of the Metaverse and are crafting their plans accordingly. However, the question remains, what will the end product look like, what will be the real value and what technological advancements will it take to make it come to life?

Sylvia Lu

Head of Technology Strategy / Board Member , u-blox AG / 5G-ACIA

Peter Wennerström

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Europe, Nokia

Paolo Campoli

VP, Global SP Segment Leader, Cisco Systems

Guillaume Lebrun

Global Connectivity Policy, Meta

Benjamin Sokolowski

Vice President of Government Affairs EMEA and Managing Director for Germany and Austria, Qualcomm

12:20 - 12:35

Innovation & Technology Stage

Mastering the challenges of critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is another area of use cases requiring a superior network performance that plans to rely on 5G private networks. This keynote will examine the examples of airports and harbors with various communication tasks, discuss potential interference sources and how testing helps to overcome these challenges.

Anne Stephan

Vice President of Critical Infrastructure & Networks, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

13:30 - 14:10

Innovation & Technology Stage

Future railway mobile communication systems

The vision of future railways is clear – a fast, efficient, green mode of transport that allows users to stay connected with the world while commuting. But what does it take to get there? In this session, hosted by Rail Baltica, railway industry professionals will discuss current standardisation processes, different approaches to deploying 5G for railway applications, cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and rail, as well as  international corridor synergies.

Ģirts Bramans

Head of Strategic Stakeholders and Communication, Rail Baltica

Andy Billington

Innovation and Digital Architecture Team Leader, Rail Baltica

Juha Lehtola

Project manager of Finnish ERTMS - program, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Urmas Ruuto

Head of Tech Branch, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Sławomir Sarna

Network, Installation and Telecommunications Designer, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny

13:30 - 14:10

Policy & Strategy Stage

OTT regulation - future of connectivity in EU

There may not have been a single debate during 2022 that has been raging hotter than OTT regulation. The arguments range from a lack of regulatory clarity, to the sustainability of current business models, questioning if services can be considered networks, as well as the moral dilemma of what is considered fair or unfair in business.

Hear directly from all sides – the representatives of the companies who generate the most traffic on the networks and service the most users, the regulatory bodies in the middle of the debate, and the infrastructure providers.

Will Townsend

VP & Principal Analyst, Networking & Security / Contributor, Moor Insights & Strategy / Forbes

Phillip Malloch

Director - Economic Policy, Meta

Daniel Friedlaender

Chair of VoD Coalition, VoD Coalition / Sky

Juris Binde

President & Chairman of the Management Board, LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone)

Maarit Palovirta

Senior Director Regulatory Affairs, ETNO

14:30 - 15:10

Policy & Strategy Stage

6G networks: Myths, truths and way forward

While the world-wide deployment of 5G networks is ongoing, the discussion on the next generation of mobile networks, i.e 6G has already begun. But, what is this next generation network and why do we need it? Is it simply an evolution of 5G, or, is it a revolutionary technology delivering new advanced services or added value?

Join this panel of experts from industry, academia, SMEs and the EC as they discuss what 6G is and what it isn’t, what the lessons learned were from the development of 5G and how these affect the future development of 6G, in addition to what the role and competitive advantages are for Europe in 6G R&D.

Colin Willcock

Chairman of the Governing Board, 6G IA

Mikko Uusitalo

Head of Research Department, Nokia Bell Labs

Uwe Baeder

Director International Relations ITU/UN & Public Affairs, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

Jacques Magen

Senior Project Manager, AUSTRALO

Bernard Barani

Deputy Head of Unit "Future Connectivity Systems", European Commission DG CONNECT

Hugo Tullberg

Principal Researcher, Ericsson AB

14:30 - 15:10

Innovation & Technology Stage

Drone traffic in cities - are we there yet?

Smart, green and efficient tools for logistics, metering and security is a dream of any future city. Can this be advanced with the help of drones?

Cities like Torino and Riga are working hard to create drone airways and flying paths for more frequent drone use. These projects are a great way to increase the use of drones in certain areas, and help to make services like deliveries more efficient.

But what does it take to achieve this? What are some of the technical challenges, use-cases and regulatory aspects? Is the lack of a legal framework the real reason for the non-existent business case and will society accept drones traffic as an everyday life element? We’ll explore these questions together in the discussion “Drone traffic in cities – are we there yet?”.

Viesturs Celmins

Managing Director, VEFRESH

Mikus Porietis

Drone pilot trainer, LMT

Thomas Neubauer

VP Innovation, TEOCO

Rasmuss Filips Geks

Digital Advisor to the Mayor of Riga, Riga City Council

Elena Deambrogio

Resp. Smart City and EU Funds, City of Torino

15:30 - 16:10

Policy & Strategy Stage

Understanding the role of European Digital Innovation Hubs in digitalization and innovations of European industries.

With an ambitious mandate for European Digital Innovation Hubs – to serve as one-stop shops supporting companies to respond to digital challenges and become more competitive –  EDIH programs are about to be launched in the EU. However, for many policymakers the confusion still remains, how to use this program to meet real needs in the most suitable way.

From a practical EDIH activity implementation point of view, we can see huge differences among EU regions. This panel discussion will cover the impact on the economy, regional and EU interests, as well as ways to collaborate and measure the success  of the most ambitious and desperately needed EU-wide digitalization support program.

Aiga Irmeja

Executive director, Latvian IT Cluster/European Digital Innovation Hub

Raimonds Lapiņš

Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia

Gabor Vicze

CEO, innomine

Iveta Strupkāja

Deputy Director, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Laima Balčiūnė

Director, Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park

Butter Maurits

Senior Orchestrating Expert, TNO

15:30 - 16:10

Innovation & Technology Stage

Connected Soldier

In the last years, IoT has become one of the most relevant terms in our society. However, in the defence and military community, these interconnectivity capabilities are not new. In that sense, the connected battlefield, data fusion and sensor integration through tactical data links has been popular for decades. In this session, experts will provide a short overview of what the new trend of IoMT means for the defence industry, discuss how IoMT links with the connected soldier, and how these devices can be tested, verified or evaluated in the field.

Urmas Ruuto

Head of Tech Branch, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Kavé Salamatian

Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

Ilmars Osmanis

CEO, LightSpace Technologies

Kaspars Pollaks

Head of Business Area, Defence and Public Safety, LMT

16:30 - 17:10

Policy & Strategy Stage

Digital Legislation - powered by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Keeping up with the pace of innovations and new technologies has  proven to be quite a challenge for lawmakers and regulators. While the physical and digital worlds can be difficult to regulate, another challenge is looming on the horizon – the metaverse. Who owns assets in a mixed reality space, how should it be regulated and who should do it?
What is the role of companies, society and government in the digital legislation process?

In this session, you will hear how these policy makers approach the technologies on a local and regional level so that they don’t hinder advancement but rather provide a benefit for society.

Ilona Platonova

Deputy Head of Department, Ministry of Education and Science

Tilemachos Moraitis

Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft

Stephen Unger

Board Member, UKTIN

Gatis Ozols

Deputy State Secretary on Digital Transformation Affairs, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia

Liene Strazdiņa

Director, Digital Accelerator of Latvia

16:30 - 17:10

Innovation & Technology Stage

Secure Data Transfer - powered by LVRTC

Can we be sure that our data is safe in the age of quantum computing? Brute force that breaks traditional cryptography within minutes will become a reality in the future.

Scientists and practitioners around the world are working on these exact questions right now and some answers are already being provided. Hear from the people working on secure data storage and transfer not only in data centres, but when it is on its way to and from towers, satellites and end users.

Burt Helm

Journalist, Freelance

Evijs Taube

Member of the Board, Latvia State Radio and Television Centre

Egons Buss

Security Director, LMT

Polyzois Kokkonis

Future Programmes Officer, European Space Agency

Andre Adelsbach

VP, Group Information and Cyber Security, GSOA / SES

Andris Ambainis

Professor, University of Latvia

17:30 - 17:45

Policy & Strategy Stage

Growth that empowers: diversity & inclusion at the heart of strategy

Topics on diversity and inclusion have been widely discussed in the telecommunications and technology industry for years now. But where are we at today, and why do companies need to make diversity & inclusion a part of their strategy? Do diversity and inclusion have an impact on profitability, innovation and growth? Is there data to back this up? Listen in as representatives from Riga Tech Girls and weigh in on this important issue.

Anna Andersone

Chief Empowerment Officer, Riga TechGirls

Rowan Barnett

Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa,

17:30 - 18:10

Innovation & Technology Stage

XR Ecosystem

The XR ecosystem is all about building our everyday life where world-class technology is fueled with data and intelligence to interact seamlessly with its population. How can we make this happen? What are the regulatory challenges and how are investors looking at XR technologies in the current investment climate? Listen in as experts who work with XR every day answer these questions and more.

Madara Kalnina-Kalnmale

Baltic Chapter President, VRAR Association, Baltic Chapter

Petri Rajahalme

Founding Partner, FOV Ventures

Ieva Ilves

Adviser to the President of Latvia for Information and Digital Policy, Chancery of the President of Latvia

Toms Žunna

Co-founder, RedFrog SIA