Preliminary Agenda 2023

Dear Techritorians,

Please note that this is the preliminary agenda of 5G Techritory 2023. It has several panel discussions and co-creation events which are not confirmed yet.

If you see a topic which is interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us about participating!

*Time indicated in Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)

Policy & Strategy Stage

Opening ceremony

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Opening panel discussion: Digitalization through connectivity - outlook for 2024

In this session speakers who are in leadership positions of European organizations will give their outlook for 2024.

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Special session on ITU Focus Group on metaverse – “Shaping a European vision for openness, safety and respect”

As part of 5G Techritory 2023, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will host their special session on ITU Focus Group on metaverse. This exciting activity will feature the highest level of speakers who will discuss a metaverse that is open, safe and respectful to all.

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Enabling connectivity in rural areas of Europe

Europe has set ambitious goals for it’s connectivity policy. How close are we to reaching them? What are the benefits for society? What are the technical challenges for rural connectivity?

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Beyond Reality: Navigating Healthcare’s Digital Frontier in the Metaverse

Our panelists will discuss the potential of immersive virtual environments for medical training, telemedicine, patient engagement, and therapeutic interventions. We will also discuss potential aspects that may prove to be challenging like data privacy and security, licensing and certification, ethical considerations, cross-border regulations and intellectual property regulations.

Open RAN - is it actually a 6G product?

Industry participants have argued that we shouldn’t rush to roll out Open RAN and should rather wait for 6G where the technology could be implemented more organically. Are they right? What deployment examples do we have to refute them?

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Keynote - Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring tool

An update on the progress and results of the Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring Tool by Nordregio.

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Eduverse - Redefining Learning in the Metaverse

Discover how the metaverse is redefining traditional teaching methods, transcending physical boundaries, and fostering new dimensions of interactive and personalized learning experiences. We’ll also touch on the regulatory and technical challenges that arise in this rapidly evolving landscape, exploring the need for policies, standards, and infrastructure to support the safe and effective implementation of eduverse technologies.

Solving the lack of digitally skilled workforce with AI

Lack of a digitally skilled workforce is a frequently mentioned challenge for many industries. Projections show that the situation may worsen in the future. Can AI help solve this problem? What are the risks associated with advancing this way?

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Nordic-Baltic 5G use cases

In this session, hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers, we will hear from various 5G use-cases from different verticals. Experts will comment on their cross-border cooperations.

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24/7 connectivity for defence forces - how do we provide it?

The modern soldier and battlefield requires uninterrupted connectivity 24/7. What is the best tool (or combination of tools) to provide it? Private networks on wheels, satellites, Open RAN solutions – all these options are on the table.

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Update on Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems

This discussion will be organized by Rail Baltica. Rail industry professionals will discuss the latest updates and considerations on Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems.

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Sensor networks in seaport infrastructure management. The role of mobile communication.

Hear from seaports and technology companies as they discuss seaport IoT networks, mesh networks, usage of the gathered data to manage the future port more efficiently.

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Night Rump Session

During the 5G Techritory dinner, we will host an evening rump session. Experts will informally discuss a relevant topic to the industry and encourage audience participation.

Participation available only in-person.