5G Techritory kicks off with most expansive program yet

November 22, 2021

5G Techritory has kicked off its annual conference, this year in the form of a 4-day event from November 22-25. The event brings together over 200 speakers from around the world – the largest gathering of cross-industry specialists ever convened at the event. 

Over the course of four days, over 2000 participants will participate in a series of sessions dedicated to various aspects of 5G – exploring 500+ presented use cases on Tech Day, learning from five of the countries leading in 5G deployment at World Day, hear from the top minds and strategists at Forum Day, and engage in a series of workshops at Partners Day.

The event will be streamed online from Riga, Latvia, where the event usually takes place. This is the second year the event has been held remotely due to global pandemic limitations. The previous event was awarded for its “phygital” concept – partially physical (with in-person sets and presenters where possible) and digital attendance. This event format will be repeated this year.

In addition to the event’s main agenda, a series of side events have also been planned. The Emporium is an online matchmaking platform that has been live for all of November. It features major corporations and state-owned companies presenting their challenges and calls for collaboration. Application for the Emporium is still open. The event will also be supplemented with a closed Mayor’s Breakfast, where leading international decision makers will be invited to an event to share experiences to further the goals of urban digitization.

The 5G Techritory event proves that despite the pandemic, it is still vitally important for the 5G community to meet. It is my pleasure that this meeting place is in Riga, where we have started our path toward an intelligent meta city – by developing a unified IoT network for smart city governance, providing municipal support for 5G infrastructure, working with our innovation ecosystem, setting new innovation goals for city-owned companies, and piloting next generation 5G initiatives. – Mārtiņš Staķis, Mayor of Riga

The event will feature several never-before-seen elements, including presentations from leading countries in 5G development sharing their experiences and approaches. They will be made up of Finland, South Korea, the UK, Germany, Norway, and Latvia. The event will also be the first to bring together all major European projects, including 5G-MOBIX, 5G ROUTES, 5G-ENCODE, and more.

About 5G Techritory

5G Techritory is Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem forum, which has been organized for the 4th year consecutively by the Electronics Communication Office of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The forum’s strategic partner is LMT and is supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Regional Development Fund, Riga City Council, the Latvia State Radio and Television Center, the British Embassy Riga, MikroTik, and SAF Tehnika.