5G Techritory team to welcome Ukrainian and Moldavian delegations for partnership talks in Riga

October 15, 2023

From October 17 to 19, the 5G Techritory team, Latvian government representatives, and local innovation industry stakeholders will welcome delegations from Ukraine and Moldova on their visit to Riga. This 3-day visit, supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, aims to unleash cooperation potential between Latvia and the two visiting countries and establish partnerships in digital strategy development, university innovation, and green technology in light of Ukraine and Moldova converging with the European Union.

Since its inception, 5G Techritory has promoted and endorsed cooperation and collaboration to strengthen the 5G ecosystem and related innovations in Europe and beyond. Besides discussing burning issues and hot topics, crafting strategies, building action plans, and establishing collaborative initiatives are no less essential.

During the visit, the delegates will be provided with a comprehensive talks and discussions agenda at the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Latvia, attend and take the stage for several 5G Techritory panel discussions, and participate in a co-creation event dedicated to collaborative innovation-building. At the visit, Latvia will be represented by the Latvian government, universities, NGOs, and business representatives, who will share Latvia’s digitalization policy for economic growth and connectivity, discuss upcoming opportunities for Ukraine in relation to the EU, talk about Latvian innovations in 5G connectivity, and more.

Connectivity – the backbone of today’s resilience and tomorrow’s growth

The Ukrainian and Moldavian visit to Latvia will cover a comprehensive program ranging from meetings, roundtables, and participation in conference panel discussions to site visits, workshops, presentations, and networking. It will focus on two main aspects – connectivity and building modern mobile/broadband networks and digital transformation of the economy – all in the light of Ukraine’s and Moldova’s future integration into the EU.

Connectivity has been and continues to be a crucial aspect for Ukraine, especially during times of war. The telecommunications infrastructure network is the invisible critical backbone for building a modern digital state. Ukraine had solid and ambitious plans for upgrading and expanding its infrastructure, which was interrupted by the Russian invasion. Yet, Ukraine’s network has demonstrated substantial resilience. The state, the operators, and regulators work hard to ensure communications are up and running, whether through rocket attacks or energy blackouts. 

Since the war escalation through 24 February 2023, the estimated accumulated damage to the telecommunications sector is US$1.6 billion. The damage has been concentrated in areas of intensive fighting in the country’s eastern and southern regions. In 2022, 1.2K mobile base stations were restored, around 1.5K new ones were built, and 8K base stations were improved and modernized. More than 3.2K km of optical fiber lines have been restored.

As we’re looking into the post-war future of Ukraine, connectivity will be a critical aspect of the country’s reconstruction and development. Thus, during the visit, Ukraine’s leading national communications policymakers will share their experience with the practical use of innovations.

Hear the Ukrainian delegation at the 5G Techritory 2023 main event

On October 18, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Vice Prime Minister for Innovations, Development of Education, Science & Technologies, Mykhailo Fedorov, will participate in the 5G Techritory 2023 official opening ceremony.

Later in the day, the Chief Specialist of the Mobile Broadband Development Department, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Nadia Babych, will be taking the 5G Techritory stage and joining a fireside chat led by Dean Bubley – Building the Future: Digital Innovation in Greenfield Projects

On day 2 of 5G Techritory, the Head of the Mobile Broadband Department, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Stanislav Prybytko, will participate in a panel discussion, Technology and Innovation for Boosting Economy and Connectivity in Rural Areas of Europe.

Explore the full agenda of 5G Techritory 2023 here, and remember to gather your free pass to the event!


This visit is supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the European Regional Development Fund project “Atbalsts tehnoloģiju pārneses sistēmas pilnveidošanai” (Nr.