Co-creating the European metaverse vision at 5G Techritory 2023

October 12, 2023

This year’s 5G Techritory’s central theme is 5G in Action, and we’ve added an action-promoting component to the event’s agenda – co-creation events. As part of the 10+ co-creation events during 5G Techritory 2023, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia are co-organizing a workshop to shape Europe’s vision for the metaverse. Read on to find out more about this promising workshop.

Can Europe be the metaverse leader?

Metaverse has been a hot topic for the global innovation community both from the technology and services point of view. European innovators believe that right now could be the time the region becomes the leader of this domain, enabling new revenues and jobs and bringing tremendous value to European society.

Europe possesses numerous assets that can be harnessed and empowered to enhance its competitiveness in the metaverse journey. These strengths encompass:

  • Historical, archaeological, and touristic treasures – no other region boasts such a wealth of locations, museums, and historical events.
  • A diverse spectrum of young talents – from artists to industry professionals and more.
  • The presence of both major and emerging technology companies actively engaged in developing solutions.
  • A multitude of ongoing EU-funded programs dedicated to exploring 6G, Edge computing, XR (Extended Reality), and more.

Gathering experts to workshop the future

With 5G Techritory being the ultimate event of the year to meet European innovators, policymakers, and leaders all in one place, ITU and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia are hosting a workshop – European Metaverse Vision – Can Europe Lead in the Metaverse? – at this year’s Forum. 

The workshop will focus on identifying Europe’s strengths and what further measures and initiatives are required to concentrate and expedite this transformation, propelling Europe towards a victorious trajectory. Experts attending this workshop will engage in a guided discussion on the European vision for future Metaverse standards.

The workshop will be moderated by such experts as:

  • Christina Yan Zhang, CEO and Founder of the Metaverse Institute and Co-chairman of FG-MV Task Group on pre-standardization for the CitiVerse
  • Leonidas Anthopoulos, Associated Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece, and Vice-chairman of FG-MV, and others
  • Marios Nicolaou, an expert on 5G and Metaverse technologies with over 20 years of experience, Business Development Director at P-NET
  • Vita Brakovska, founder of the NGO – Knowledge and Innovation Society – with 14+ years of experience in the facilitation of co-creation events

When? October 18, 16:30-18:30 (EEST)

Where? Radisson Blu Latvia Conference & Spa Hotel conference center, Riga

How to participate? Participation in the ITU workshop is by invitation only. If interested, please email

This co-creation event is supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the European Regional Development Fund project “Atbalsts tehnoloģiju pārneses sistēmas pilnveidošanai” (Nr.

Bonus: Tune in for a must-hear panel talking about metaverse

Great news to those attending the 5G Techritory forum in-person or onlinea panel discussion of the ITU Focus Group on metaverse takes place on October 18.

In this panel, hosted by the ITU and powered by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, European experts and stakeholders will explore the potential of the metaverse and discuss crucial aspects related to openness, safety, and respect within this emerging immersive world. Panelists will dive into user rights, privacy, ethical considerations, and standards for building a metaverse that upholds European values.

Make sure to tune in on October 18, 11:00-11:50 (EEST), Policy & Strategy Stage or, to hear this discussion live – everyone’s welcome!

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