First 5G Techritory World Day to gather trailblazing nations leading the way in 5G

October 28, 2021

World Day, one of the several new events of 5G Techritory 2021, is all about shedding light on excellence in 5G rollouts. Taking place on November 23, in a phygital format, World Day will showcase some of the world’s trailblazing nations that will discuss their 5G strategy, rollout, and use cases. Read on to find out more about this novelty on the Techritory agenda!

Celebrating excellence in 5G

As we observe the global 5G landscape, we’re happy to see countries demonstrating exceptional 5G strategy and implementations. Successful 5G rollout is a complex and time-consuming process and every nation showing progress in 5G is worth celebrating, especially those who are leading the way for everyone else.

5G Techritory 2021 World Day will bring together six countries to share their approach to 5G implementation. The countries taking part in the first World Day event will be Finland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, South Korea, and Latvia

During World Day, each participating country will take the stage to present the nation’s approach. The time will be filled with keynote presentations and roundtable discussions related to topics such as: 

  • Regulation strategy,
  • 5G technical aspects,
  • Vertical industries benefiting from 5G implementation,
  • Use cases applied in the nation,
  • 5G funding policy,
  • And more.

Note: there was no scoring mechanism used to select the participating nations for this year’s World Day. 5G Techritory is looking forward to inviting more countries demonstrating excellence in 5G rollouts to present their approaches in the upcoming years.

Peeking into the World Day agenda

While we haven’t revealed the full World day agenda yet, here’s what some of the participating countries have prepared for the event!

The United Kingdom will be represented by such 5G industry-leading voices as Sylvia Lu (u-blox, UK5G), Cristina Data (Ofcom), Dritan Kaleshi (Digital Catapult), and more. You’ll be able to hear:

  • United Kingdom’s vision and activities,
  • Regulation strategy and outlook,
  • Presentation on the Large scale Urban Testbed in the West Midlands (WM5G),
  • Roundtable discussion about 5G activities in the UK and the value they bring to the economy and society.

Finland’s representation will be hosted by Heidi Himmanen (Traficom). Among the speakers, you’ll hear such 5G voices as Timo Harakka (Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland), Markus Mettälä (Traficom), Juha Kela (Finwe), and more. 

What to expect from Finland:

  • The vision of Finland on 5G and digitalization of sectors,
  • Deeper view on the technical aspects of Finland’s 5G network, spectrum, and ecosystem,
  • Advantages of 5G for vertical industries,
  • Roundtable discussion exploring Finland’s collaboration opportunities and experience within technology innovation.

Latvia will be represented by such 5G industry voices and organizations as Edmunds Beļskis (Latvian State Radio and Television Centre), Viesturs Celmiņš (VEFRESH), Juris Binde (LMT), representatives from Rail Baltica, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, Riga City Council, and more.

Here’s what Latvia’s delegation has prepared for you:

  • 5G for Digital Vision of Latvia,
  • Boosting 5G infrastructure,
  • Hot to touch: 5G use case presentations,
  • Maturing and scaling 5G: Economy, innovations, and defense.

Fun fact: Latvia is No.1 in Europe by 5G trials per capita. 

Follow the full World Day agenda here as we update it with more details on countries’ representatives and the exciting topics they’ll cover!

World Day concept

5G Techritory World Day is a celebration of technology and an opportunity to share knowledge and learn from the best. The countries invited to participate have demonstrated excellence in 5G and are leaders in their own right. 

With their participation, these countries will become part of the 5G Techritory global community, which will continue to grow with each subsequent year as new leading nations participate in the event. The World Day global community will be treated to exclusive invitation-only events at 5G Techritory functions, thus furthering the opportunities for collaboration and innovation between the world’s leading 5G powers.

Be there to hear inspiring stories on 5G implementation shared by representatives from Finland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, South Korea, and Latvia. Register for 5G Techritory here and mark your calendar for November 23, 2021 – the first 5G Techritory World Day ever!