Future of 5G: Special 5G Report in the Raconteur of the “The Times”

October 02, 2020


The Raconteur by The Times has recently published a 5G report in association with 5G IA and UK 5G. According to the report, around 400 operators around the globe are actively making investments into 5G networks. But which regions are the current industry leaders and which will be the ones to see network speeds surge? Next to seeking answers to these two global 5G industry questions, The Raconteur’s report also takes a closer look into many other pressing industry topics.  

  • 5G rollout could be playing a role in kickstarting the post-pandemic economy, particularly in the UK. Manufacturing is claimed to be one of the key sectors that could benefit from the rollouts as well as utilities and energy, transportation, smart cities, and creative industries, which may highly benefit from VR possibilities in remote work and audience reach. The recent pandemic has accelerated the appetite towards remote experiences, and remoteness is at the core of 5G.
  • According to the report, fields experiencing the biggest impact of 5G in the nearest future are automotive, cloud services and manufacturing. Although many of the more sophisticated industry use-cases are unlikely to settle into our reality sooner than in 5 to 10 years time it’s predicted that 5G’s mainstream adoption in the major cities of advanced economies, such as the UK and America, should occur over the next three or four years.
  • The report also looks at the transformation that 5G will bring to enterprises, saying that the economic growth is going to be driven for sure, yet operators and governments must ensure fair and effective 5G rollouts. Moreover, access to the 5G needs to be delivered in an even manner within the countries, so the rural areas aren’t overlooked as it was in cases with 3G, 4G, and fibre.
  • Other topics addressed in the report include possible challenges of 5G mass rollout, 5G’s potential effect on the UK’s economy, the impact of 5G expected by consumers, political aspects within the 5G industry, healthcare, and 5G network, cybersecurity, 5G’s role in remote work, and more.

One of the opinion articles in The Raconteur’s 5G report has been delivered by the Chairman of the Board of 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA), Dr. Colin Willcock – he expresses his thoughts on creating the innovation ecosystem and the role of 5G features in the process. Colin holds nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge within the telecommunications industry and has worked directly or indirectly with many of the biggest industry members. The 5G Techritory Forum is honored to have Dr. Willcock as one of the main speakers at this year’s event and, therefore, to have the 5G IA as one of the partners of this year’s Forum. 

Access and download the full Raconteur’s report here.