Mapping 5G Techritory 2020: industry changemakers come together to put European 5G back on track

October 12, 2020


The agenda for 5G Techritory, 3rd-annual Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum, has been launched today including more than 120 speakers who will offer their insight across more than 60 keynote speeches and panel discussions. This year’s event will take place virtually, on November 11 and 12, gathering 5G industry leaders, policymakers, and tech innovators in one platform for exchange. 

What makes the 5G Techritory forum stand out among other 5G conferences is the wide representation of speakers from different industries and organizations, and the diversity of topics covered. The panels will address pressing issues like 5G deployment & innovation, 5G liability ownership, smart cities, 5G vs Wifi, mission-critical networks, and 5G data privacy. Several panels will look into the future – the advance of edge computing, 5G laptops and wearables, 5G-enabled internet of the future, and even the latest findings on 6G.

This year’s programme will put a focus on the real lessons learned from the first year of 5G. Thereby shifting typical conference narratives from vague speculations of the future to concrete, actionable lessons.

Neils Kalnins, the Director of 5G Techritory, emphasizes the event’s focus on keeping European manufacturers and service providers competitive in the race for 5G development: 

Our aim is to establish Europe’s role as the producer of high-end technologies, rather than to become simply consumers of technologies created elsewhere. Without the collaboration of various industries and sectors, we will be unable to fully harness the potential of 5G. 5G Techritory is the forum to do just that, and to significantly accelerate the pace of the Baltic Sea Region’s technological development.

The long list of high-profile speakers in the 5G Techritory forum includes:

  • Sebastian Barros – Head of Regional Sales Telco, Google Cloud
  • Dean Bubley – Director at Disruptive Analysis
  • Colin Willcock – Chairman at the 5G Infrastructure Association 

5G Techritory 2020 also marks a year since the rollout of 5G in Latvia. LMT’s President and Chairman of the Board Dr. Juris Binde shares:

Innovation is a fundamental part of our strategy, which is reinforced by this yearly gathering of 5G innovators. LMT’s experience from the past year in implementing a wide range of integrated communications solutions will be brought to the table, including 5G use cases such as cross-border drone flight beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS), red light enforcement at intersections, and various defense and security applications.  We see that further collaboration is necessary to truly harness the power of 5G innovations, and invite others to actively participate to drive European 5G development forward.

This year 5G Techritory has taken up digital format thanks to a custom-built platform enabling high-quality live streaming and interaction between speakers and participants. The event will be held on four virtual stages, hosting keynote speeches, panel discussions, and fireside chats. In addition, the digital conference will feature networking opportunities, side event “rooms”, sponsor scavenger hunts, and more. 

Only registered and confirmed attendees will be granted access to the platform. The event itself is free of charge.