Within the framework of ‘’5G Techritory’’ Forum Riga will become a capital of Europe 5G Network

September 19, 2018

5G is currently the latest mobile communication generation, which creates completely new opportunities in every industry and sector. The technology will open up completely new opportunities for both – 5G industry manufacturers and mobile phone operators, both for businessmen and everyday users. Next week international Baltic Sea Region’s 5G ecosystem forum ‘’5GTechritory” will be held in Riga. It will assemble in one place the world leading technology companies and creators of European policy for common discussions about future potential of 5G network.

Today at the press conference in hotel Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, the official program of Baltic Sea Region’s 5G ecosystem forum ‘’5G Techritory’’ has been opened, as well as the 5G implementation time in Latvia has been announced. ‘’The main purpose of the 5G forum is to create a cooperation platform among the countries of Baltic See Region, in order to promote the development andapplication of 5G technologies, therefore stimulating economic growth of theregion. Considering the Latvian achievements in the field of mobile telecommunications and ecosystem development, Latvia would like to undertake the leading role in this process and to promote development of cross-border projects,” Neils Kalniņš, ‘’5G Techritory’’ Program Director has stressed out.


Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) with international partners is currently working on 5G technology development and implementation in Latvia. ‘’During ‘’5G Techritory’’ forum we will create and demonstrate the first 5G test network in Latvia. From the beginning of the next year, as soon as end equipment for consumers becomes available, LMT will offer 5G in commercial mode. With 2G and 3G network Latvia was standing out as the most communicable country in Europe*, with 4G we are in the second place according to consumption of mobile internet**. It is a good ground, for Latvia to move further on and be among the world 5G leaders as well. The greatest value of the 21st century is smart and talented people. While thefuture oil for the development of the country are opportunities of mobile technologies. Latvia must use infrastructure advantages, in order to be able to compete in a global market and improve the life quality for our citizens,” that’s what Gunārs Danbergs, LMT Vice-Presidentin Technological Issues told about future plans and vision at the press conference.


5G will allow creating wide solutions for internet matters,will provide a speed and power, necessary for artificial intellect, or the operation stability and safety, necessary for performance of remoted operation, creating individually customized service parameters and solutions. Therefore all partners – mobile communication operators, partners and customers will need to sit down around one table in order to understand, what exactly 5G solution is necessary and how to provide it.  


Within the forum framework there will be negotiated such topics as general 5G regulation in Europe and world, an issue about innovations within 5G network and their financing possibilities will be solved, and the ideas about 5G potential as for global changer of game rules in many fields and related possibilities to create new 5G business models will be summed-up, especially in such fields as smart city, smart mobility and smart healthcare.  


During the conference political debates about implementationof 5G cross-border projects will be held as well. ‘’Next week Riga will definitely become the 5G capital, as several events dedicated for the new mobile communication technology will be held there. Signing of Memorandum of Baltic State Understanding about the design and construction of Via Baltica corridor for development of united and autonomous driving and 5G technologies, scheduled to adopt in Riga by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia shall be mentioned as the most important in this context. It will promote the cooperation and collaboration in development of automatized transport, as well as attract innovations and will improve road safety,” Valters Bajārs, Director of Communication Department of the Ministry of Transport informed the press conference participants.


‘’Regarding new technologies, Latvia is in front of similar challenges as the remaining world. Considering the advantages of Latvia, we need to realize that we are not only technology consumers, but also creators. Therefore, a year ago we decidedto organize ‘’5G Techritory’’ Forum, in order to invite the world leading technology companies, creators of European policy and Latvian companies to Latvia for common discussion and agreement on cooperation opportunities by development and testing of new technologies in the fields of smart city, smart mobility and smart healthcare. Moreover, for Latvia it is an opportunity to strengthen its positions even more as one of the leading countries of mobile technologies, therefore understanding what 5G technology is and, the main thing, what it will be able to, is important not only for representatives of telecommunication industry,” Neils Kalniņš stressed.  


In total hundreds of participants, including the European policy makers, public officials, business leaders, investors, industry experts, new companies and academic representatives, including more than 60 speakers ofthe highest level from Europe, Asia and USA will gather at the two days’ forum in Riga. Among them there will also be the Director-General of Communication Network, Content and Technologies of the European Commission Roberto Viola (Belgium), Senior Vice President of ‘’Cisco Systems” Peter Karlstromer (USA), Senior Vice President of the European Market of ‘’Nokia Corporation” Markus Borchert (Finland), President of 5G Product Line of ‘’Huawei Technologies Corporation” Chaobin Yang (China), Vice-President – Deputy Head of Global Services and Operations and Group Network Manager of ‘’Telia Company AB” Gabriela Styf Sjöman (Sweden), as well as Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Māris Kučinskis, management and industry leaders and international media.


A day before the forum on September 26 ‘’5G Ideation’’ start-up company seminar will take place, which is focused directly on creators of new technology products. Within the event framework new companies will be given an opportunity to discuss with 5G technology experts and high-level leaders, as well as members will get introduced with the possibilities of revolutionary network. Enthusiasts of technology industry – new company representatives from Baltics, as well as 20 new companies from South Korea, who have already been working with 5G products and ideas will take part in the seminar.


‘’Solutions related to 5G are not widespread in start-up environment yet, but there is a visible potential to become the first ones in this field. Starting to work on implementation of 5G solutions right now, the new technology could welcome in Latvia with certain solutions in fields of smart city, mobility and healthcare. ‘’5G Ideation’’ is a start-up ecosystem response for the development of telecommunication industry, major telecommunication companies being the frontrunners of this process. In Latvia 5G network will be one of the first high quality networks worldwide which will make Latvia as attractive place, where to develop and test new technological solutions, which afterwards can be offered in all over the world,” Kristīne Korņilova, executive director of TechChill says. The ‘’5G Ideation’’ event is organized by TechChill and Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) and is supported by ‘’5G Techritory’’ and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

 * GSMA data

** OECD data