Privacy Policy - Information about personal data processing

Our commitment to privacy: We want you to know how we collect and use the data you provide to us!

The following terminology is used throughout this document:

  • 5G Forum – 5G Techritory, Europe’s Leading 5G Ecosystem Forum;
  • Registration Website – Webpage, designated to 5G Forum participant registration ( or connected webpage wich transfers registration data (for instance Emporium);
  • Controller or we – VAS “Elektroniskie sakari” (“Electronic Communications Office of Latvia” SJSC), Registration No. 40003021907, Registered/office address: Eksporta street 5, Riga, LV-1010, contact email:; The Organizer of 5G Techritory, Europe’s Leading 5G Ecosystem Forum​;
  • Personal data – any information relating to an identified or identifiable person; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier or a set of features which, in themselves or in the context of other information available to the Controller, make it possible to identify a particular individual.
  • Data subject or Participant – a living natural person whose Personal Data are processed by the Controller for a specific purpose; In the context of the 5G Forum, the Data Subject is the person who has taken steps to visit the 5G Forum Registration Website, enter information on the 5G Forum Registration Website, or contact the Controller on the 5G Forum using contact information;
  • Personal data processing – any processing of the Data subject’s Personal Data, including, but not only to data collection, data storage, data transfer, data modification, data use and data erasure;
  • Regulation or GDPR – European General Data Protection Regulation no. 679/2016, applicable in all Member States from 25 May 2018.

One should be aware that 5G Forum is intended to business relations (so called B2B) and every processing of personal data is minimized to absolute necessity. Nevertheless, every participant (regardless of status) are natural person and, according to the Regulation, has all the rights as data subject!

The purpose of the Information notice is to inform Data subjects of the nuances of data processing in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR on Data processing connected with the 5G Forum.

The Registration Website visitors are completely free to choose whether to accept or deny the relevant offer, and in the event of non-acceptance, only processed information will be of legitimate interest to the Controller –  the retention of technical connection information for maintenance and security of the Registration Website. However, the visitor to the Registration Website should be aware that failure to accept the offer and failure to provide the relevant data means that he / she will not be able to participate in the 5G Forum as a member.

General Information

  • Personal Data Protection Officer – Controller’s designated personal data protection officer Arnis Puksts; contact information: e-mail –, phone number – +371 66955131;
  • Data processors – The processing of personal data in order to achieve the purposes (goals) of the processing of personal data shall be carried out by:
    • Staff members (employees), in accordance with their duties resulting from their employment or service relationship with the Controller;
    • Outsourced service providers who have a contractual relationship with the Controller that governs the protection of personal data and provides that Personal Data of the Data Subject may only be processed in accordance with the instructions provided by the Controller and may not be used for other purposes;
    • Co-controllers: as the 5G Forum are rich of varied functions and services, some of them is co-runned with other entities, both governmental and private sector organizations; in some cases this means that the Personal data provided and needed to run exact service or function, is shared between co-controllers. According to the agreements concluded, the main entity, dealing with all the aspects of the data processing still is the Controller; and the co-controllers have undertaken the use of the personal data obtained, only in connection with the course of the 5G Forum.
  • Data processing location (region) and type – The Controller processes personal data within the European Union and does not transfer it outside the European Union, nor does the Controller process the personal data automatically – Personal data are always processed by the person in the decision-making process. Exceptionally, if the Controller intends to transfer data outside the territory of the European Union for a specific purpose or in specific situations, this will be indicated by reference to the specific purpose / situation of data processing.

Exception! All data processed in public web site, for purposes to promote the 5G Forum or to inform the public, are freely transferable to (accessible by) any place of Earth, where the Internet connection are. As a compensatory mechanism, the Controller provides inspection of each item of an information to be published, avoiding, as far as possible, the disclosure of an item of information adversely affecting the interests or freedoms of the Data Subject.

  • Information collection, storage and security – The Controller shall ensure that all information is collected over an encrypted Internet connection (HTTPS protocol) and stored in such a way that it is accessible only in part or in full to authorized persons. Upon discovery of an incident, the Controller will, within 72 hours, assess its potential harm to the data subject’s interests and, in accordance with regulatory requirements, inform the supervisory authority and the data subjects of the action taken and possible to mitigate the damage.
  • Rights of the data subject and their realization – data subject has unrestricted right to obtain, request, delete, update or limit information processed by the Controller by contacting the Controller or its Data Protection Officer and following the instructions provided; in some cases, a full participant identity check may require a face-to-face authentication in the Controller’s legal address; and given the nature, nature and purposes of the processing, not all rights of the data subject may be enforceable in all cases. For example, the right of deletion of data by a participant of the 5G Forum regarding mandatory information is not enforceable as enforcing it would limit the rights of other members and the Controller.
  • The data subject may in any case apply to the nearest data protection supervisory authority in accordance with the procedures it shall determine; The Latvian supervisory authority, the Data State Inspectorate, has provided information on how to apply when submitting an application on its home page, Data subject also is entitled to file a claim with the court.

Purposes of main data processing and types of data to be collected

Purpose of main data processing: Organisation of  5G Forum, including registering members, creating a list of members, checking members, providing informal communication and collaboration between members.

Legal basis for basic data processing: The legitimate interest of the Controller in ensuring the conduct of the 5G Forum, provide evidence in a case of possible disput (or even litigation), as well as the acceptance of the Participant and the adoption of the relevant rules on participation, in accordance with points (b) and (f) of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the GDPR.

Types of data to be processed:

Required fields:

  • Name – Participant’s title and name or names;
  • Surname – Participant’s last name;
  • Company / organisation – the name of the company / organisation (private or public) represented by the Participant;
  • Position – the position held by a Participant; (for the matter of a better understanding of the fields of Participants responsibility and a better adaptation of content)
  • Country – Country of residence of the Participant (the field is needed for better understanding of the Participant region, for better content adaptation);
  • E-mail address – required email address for communication with the Participant;

Fields which are optional (not mandatory to complete registration process) to fill in:

  • Link to Participants LinkedIn account – according to assumption , that LinkedIn’s main goal is to provide professional networking possibilities, one can freely choose to provide such information;
  • Additional information – can be any useful information, freely provided by Participant, for better understanding of Participant’s special expectations and needs.

Related services

In Registration process one could use related services such as Emporium. Emporium main meaning is to facilitate B2B collaboration via creating “virtual business card” presented to the other participants and businesses. Personal data used on Emporium is mainly connected with representative or contact person and his or her position and department – there’s no goal to profile anyone as natural person, every data processed is vitally to reach Emporium’s goals – to establish and maintain business relations via 5G Forum’s.

You can choose to perform full registration (register both – attendance in 5G Forum and Emporium) via Emporium’s registration. Nevertheless, You are free to register in Registration Website and then separetely register Your company/Organization ir Emporium.

Personal data used on Emporium is mainly connected with representative or contact person and his or her position and department.

Legal basis on data processing – controller’s legitimate interest (both – the Controller’s and a company, whose profile has been created) to do business and to gain recognition as a company, according to (f) of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the GDPR.

Technically populated fields:

  • A statement that the person has met and accepts the information relating to the processing of personal data – to participate in 5G Forum, this item must be checked in and checking represents “Yes”;
  • A note on whether the person agrees (gives consent) that his or her contact details (email and other mandatory fields) will be used in communication following the conduct of the 5G Forum, informing about others, related events, and news. The person, at any time, will be able to withdraw consent to receive any information in accordance with the instructions given in the emails. One must at the same time consider that the consent to the processing of the information provides a legal basis for sending at least one information email. Please be aware – withdrawal of consent will not influence the legality of data procession, permitted before withdrawing of consent! Important: This field (and choice) does not apply to statements that are sent before or during the 5G Forum and are organizational as well as to usage of the data, which are connected to organization represented by Participant (as 5G Forum is for B2B relations)!
  • Logs (audit) on every actions performed by Participant on Registration Website or other site, related to 5G Forum. The main data categories are IP address, datetime, activity, users IDs.

Duration of processing: pending the achievement or modification of the purpose of data processing, but not exceeding 5 years if the modification of other similar measures is not carried out.

Related data processing purposes

Description of the legal grounds for the processing of personal data related to the visit (opening) of the Registration Website:

Process: The Controller shall carry out the processing of personal data in order to ensure the functioning of the Registration Website, including, collecting and storing technical information regarding the connection (e.g. connection IP address, connection date and time), as well as organising the circulation of cookies;

Purpose and legal base: The legitimate interest of the Controller (point “f” of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation) to maintain the Marketing site in order to ensure the conduct of the 5G Forum, as well as to ensure the safety of the Registration Website – to detect, evaluate, detect and prevent technical problems or unlawful conduct by third parties.

Duration of processing: 5 years or, in the detection of an incident, until the full prevention of the incident and the consequences thereof, including the completion of proceedings for damages.

Description of the legal basis for the processing of personal data related to the performance of the Company’s legal duties:

Process: The Controller shall carry out the processing of personal data, compile and transfer them (personal data) to the national regulatory authorities or to the court after receipt of an official request and in accordance with the procedures specified in the law;

Purpose and Legal base: Performance of the obligations under the Accounting Officer Law (Section 6, first paragraph, point “c” of the General Data Protection Regulation) — Performance of lawful requests from national regulatory authorities or courts;

Duration of processing: according to the purpose of the processing of basic data, but upon the occurrence of the relevant request, according to its nature, however, in any case the term of storage shall not be less than 3 years – in accordance with the requirements for the storage of the statutory documents for the organisation of accounts.

Description of the legal basis for the processing of personal data related to the planning and conduct of the follow-up activities:

Process: Controller, on the basis of the consent of the 5G Forum member, will contact the email provided by the participant, sending information on other, similar events and other related news. In each consignment, describing the possibility for data subjects to withdraw their consent to data processing.

Purpose and Legal base: Transmission of news and other useful information to data subjects on the basis of their consent, provided with a full understanding of the legal nature and effects of the consent (Article 6, first paragraph, point “a” of the General Data Protection Regulation). Failure to give consent does not affect the rights and behavior of the individual concerned in the 5G Forum, but further information on the related measures and other related information will not take place. Consent must be revoked at any time, but the withdrawal of consent will affect the processing of data in the future, i.e. by agreeing to the processing of data for that purpose the data subject is aware that it will receive at least one information notice.

Duration of processing: until withdrawal of consent or renewal of consent in another similar measure, but for a maximum of 5 years if no renewal of the information takes place.

Important note! Participant’s registered data such as company(organization) and position will be processed to reach the goals of the 5G Forum, as the 5G Forum is business event (B2B). We will minimize information processed, but we cannot guarantee that on every case there could not be indirect identification of Data subject. Please be aware, that even without consent on marketing, it is possible to identify You as the representative of exact company/organization.

Description of the purpose of the processing of personal data relating to the legitimate interests of the Controller and the legal basis for the processing of personal data:

Process: In the event of a potential claim on the part of the data subject or, having determined that the data subject, by its action, has caused damage to the property, interest or reputation of the Controller by providing an appropriate claim against the data subject, as well as the identification, accumulation and demonstration of the history of the activities of the Controller, the information of the members registered for the 5G Forum and photographs of the participants who are recorded during the course of the 5G Forum could be stored and transferred to other persons in specified cases.

Purpose and Legal Reasons: The legitimate interests of the Controller (Article 6, first paragraph, point “f” of the General Data Protection Regulation):

  • protect their legitimate interests in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings;
  • maintaining information on their historical activities and development, and promoting the Controller, its activities and issues related to the 5G Forum, including taking photographs and video recordings and making public via the public communications channels of the Controller (e.g., the website of the Controller);

Duration of processing: according to the nature of the legitimate interest in question, the protection of its legitimate interests for a maximum of 10 years, whereas the processing of historical information without a time limit, as the purpose of data processing is permanent.

If you have any additional questions about the processing of your data, please contact our personal data protection officer , writing us to the email

Other information about data processing: 

– The Controller uses Personal data collected directly from you and from your performed actions during the 5G Forum (e.g., login processs, participiation in, questionaire, etc.)  to facilitate and improve your experience at the 5G Forum.

In case you have comments or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, and any questions regarding the processing of your data, contact the Controller or its Data Protection Officer using the communication channels above.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time.