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5G Techritory Key Stakeholders' Roundtable*

November 27, 2019
* This event is available by invitation only

Main objective: to share the latest experience in 5G deployment among the countries of the Baltic Sea Region as a digital frontrunner in Europe and its main cooperation partners, to discuss the main tasks and actions for further development of the 5G Techritory platform and initial project ideas for potential 5G cross-border projects. ​Geographical focus: the countries of the Baltic Sea Region (the Baltic States, Nordic countries, Poland and Germany)

Target participants: the Ministers responsible for 5G policy with their senior officials from the Baltic Sea Region, heads of major industry organisations, senior representatives from the European Commission, global and regional business leaders, academia and other high-value 5G stakeholders.

Preliminary agenda:
16:00-19:00 Work program
19:00-21:00 Dinner

5G Policymakers' Hackathon

November 26 – 27, 2019
up to 60 participants

Main objective: to create functional and structural schemes and regulatory recommendation for smoother 5G deployment and innovation implementation in the Baltic Sea Region countries, which will serve as ideal policy and will steer all of the countries' policies in a unified direction. This hackathon will strengthen cross-border collaboration between Baltic Sea Region countries and promote the whole region as leaders in policy innovation. But it is only the beginning. After the hackathon the real work will begin, where lawmaker and lobbyist services will be required to streamline and harmonize the policy.  

Target participants: participants will be hand-picked and cover all parties - startups/companies, mobile operators, multinational companies from various sectors and policymakers from the whole Baltic Sea region. Mentors with a deeper understanding of technology or the way legal changes are implemented on a technical level will be present.

Organisers and contacts:
Ernests Stals, Co-founder, TechHub Riga
+371 26 340 383

B2B Speed Networking Event

November 28 – 29, 2019
25 contact points; 30 min. per meeting

Main objective: to gather stakeholders from different countries in order to expand their business prospects and facilitate cross-border partnerships through prearranged business meetings aiming to provide a possibility to discuss potential new products, technologies and services, business and research cooperation opportunities, technology transfer agreements, find buyers and suppliers on the topics such as Smart City, Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Smart Media and Entertainment. Meetings will be organised at the Forum premises.

“Meet the 5G Technology” expo

November 28 – 29, 2019

Main objective: to provide 5G Techritory Forum delegates with an exclusive up-to-date, hands-on experience of the technologies and applications related to 5G wireless features, especially in connection to verticals such as smart city, smart mobility, Industry 4.0, smart media and entertainment. Through pre-commercial product demonstrations, trials, pilot projects, and presentations in a seminar format, the exhibitor will have the opportunity to launch new products, to promote their existing ones and to interact with 5G Techritory Forum delegates to discuss how the 5G technology works.

Organisers and contacts:
Andris Breske, Expo Manager, Electronic Communications Office of Latvia.
+371 29 357 535