Jim Beveridge

Jim Beveridge works for ERTICO asthe Adviser to the CEO on Connectivity.

According to the OECD, the digitaltransformation of economic activities is creating significant opportunities foinnovation, convenience and efficiency. However, this transformation will require that all individuals, businesses andgovernments have reliable and affordable access to digital networks andservices. This requires a wide coverage of digital networks, and targetedmeasures for disadvantaged entities. ERTICO members are planning IntelligentTransportation Services that will rely upon wide network coverage, connectingnext generation transportation services to the cloud.

Jim has been working at the leadingedge of International Connectivity policy, working on the challenge ofconnecting the more remote regions of the globe.

Jim started his career in telecomsand security working for Motorola Semiconductors as an engineer oncommunication microcontrollers.

Hispassion for technology led him up the stack from semiconductors to the cloudwhere he spent many years working for Microsoft’s Azure Division.  Jim continues to contribute to cloud policydevelopment with his membership of ISO IST/038, Cloud Computing and DistributedPlatforms.

Jim hasa wide range of international experience in Telecoms. He participated in theOECD Going Digital Group, was a Steering Board member of the, Geneva based,Digital Video Broadcasting standards group and Chaired the, Brussels based,Digital Interoperability Forum.  

Jim has a passion for bringing internetconnectivity to the poorer regions of the world by reducing the cost ofbroadband, using AI, machine learning and software defined radios to reduce thecost of secure 5G/IOT connectivity.


The ERTICOinvolvement in 5G started in 2015 with the drafting of the 5G-PPP white paper “5Gempowering vertical industries”, where ERTICO led the drafting of theAutomotive vertical. ERTICO participated in the first “Öttinger round table”press conference at the Mobile World congress 2016, before launching theEuropean Alliance for Telecom and Automotive (EATA).

ERTICO developedjointly with EATA the CONCORDA project, dealing with the ITS-G5 and LTE-V2Xhybrid connectivity and the Mobile Edge Computing, under the Connecting EuropeFacility (CEF) EU funding instrument. In 2018, ERTICO started participating inH2020 5G actions, first with the 5G-DRIVE project that coordinates V2X trialsin cooperation with China and then and also the with 5G-MOBIX project withwhich, ERTICO takes the lead as project coordinator in a big Innovation actionabout 5G for Cooperative and Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) with 58partners, including from Korea and China.

According to the ERTICO 5G roadmap in 2018-2019the development and integration of new innovative CCAM use cases are foreseen.In 2020 the roadmap will focus on trials and in 2021 on providingrecommendations relating to the creation of new CCAM business model with 5G,the EU deployment path and the regulations for 5G, including certification andtype approval.



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