Louisa Bojesen

Louisa Bojesen has spent almost two decades (2000-2017) in front of the camera anchoring her live, daily, televised programmes for CNBC. She is a familiar and trusted face in business, and is known for her understanding of financial markets in the EU and beyond.

Career highlights include being the only anchor to have hosted four live shows, every day, for several years. For many years, she was also the youngest anchor, the only female anchor, and she was the only person to have single-anchored shows daily.

Bojesen has interviewed thousands of prominent industry experts, world leaders and CEOs. She has faced intense public scrutiny as an on-air personality; equally, she has put people in the hot seat as one of the most popular and well-known financial journalists of her generation. She intimately understands pressure points and vulnerabilities both on a personal individual level, and when dealing with business and media communications.

Live on-air during events ranging from the London 7/7 bombings to theLehman Brothers collapse and financial crisis, Bojesen’s handling of situations demonstrated her abilities as experienced and professional. She also regularly reported from hectic trading floors, including Bear Stearns before its demise.

Apart from her work in the studio, Louisa is equally active on the global business scene. She has a keen interest in the Middle East, and has moderated televised and private debates from the area, interviewing prominent figures in business and politics. Some of her work in the Middle East has been public (eg World Economic Forum); other work involves private coaching and support.

Bojesen’s unique experience and her insights have made her a sought-after speaker and moderator. Her list is diverse: Central Bank Stimulus, MarketThemes, Middle East Investing, Nordic Economy, Indian Financial System, Tech,Oil and Gas, Port Infrastructure, private Fireside Chats, and much more.

She is a Danish Goodwill Ambassador, has been named Career Woman of theYear, and is described as a trailblazer for women in business news. Middle East art and Levant history are passions. She is an active mentor to teens and twenty-somethings, and also volunteers weekly at an elementary school.

Bojesen graduated from Loyola University Chicago. In her early 20’s, she worked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, trained at Merrill Lynch,and worked as a day trader. She then went to Medical School before startingwith CNBC.



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