Māris Kučinskis

Mr Maris Kucinskis is the current Prime Minister of Latvia, the most powerful member of the Government of Latvia, who presides over the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers. The Prime Minister determines the general direction of Government’s activities and ensures coordinated and purposeful work of the Cabinet of Ministers, leading the work of the Cabinet of Ministers and responsible before the Saeima (Latvian parliament). Mr Kucinskis was elected to the Parliament in 2014 from the Greens and Farmers Union and nominated as the Prime Minister by the Latvian president in February 2016. Since then, the  Prime Minister has headed a successful three-party coalition in the Latvian government, overseeing steady economic growth.

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia

The digitalisation is our present and our future. I see a great potential in the 5G ecosystem joint development in the Baltic Sea Region, based on innovative business models. Here in Latvia, we pursue the Data Driven Nation Concept, which implies the reliance on an unrestricted availability of public data, the society awareness rising and an involvement through open data for us to work on new innovative solutions. The Latvian scientists and businesses already produce world-class solutions in the quantum computing domains, computer vision and latest language technologies.

It is important to identify the national competitive advantages that form a contribution to the common EU system within the framework of the global innovation technique system. Latvia wishes to become a global innovation development and testing point, which ensures the availability, openness and opportunities of the infrastructure used for local and international partners.

The goal of the Latvian government is to attain a more rapid national economy transformation process. In cooperation with businesses, science representatives and foreign partners, the government must purposefully implement a series of measures aimed at increasing the labour productivity of economic entities and providing for a simple, reliable and quick receipt of public services, thus conducing the aspiration of the public to become involved in the provision of various economic and social values. Latvia is well placed to become a "magnet" for Northern European economic activities, developing sought-after solutions on the global market. In consideration of a rapid digitalisation development and its direct effect on the productivity, Latvia strives to achieve a higher rate of economic growth than the EU average level; therefore, a series of proactive measures must be taken in order to make Latvia open and capable to absorb the digitalisation challenges and, even more importantly, capable to use its own scientific potential and business capabilities to develop solutions that would be in demand for export to the global market.



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