Milla Immonen

Milla Immonen received her MSc degree inapplied mathematics and information processing sciences from the University ofOulu in 2000 and has been working at VTT since 1998.

She currently acts as a Senior Scientist andProject Manager in Smart Health. She has an IPMA C -certificate for projectmanagement. She has also previously acted as a project coordinator ininternational AAL-Ageing in Balance –project, which was nominated for AAL Awardin 2014 and studied technologies supporting fall risk assessment and fallprevention.

Her research interests are in utilizingtechnologies and smart data in health care and disease prevention and insupporting the independent living of older adults. She has coordinated aninternational project preparation “Health^5G” for studying how the 5G willenable and help different health use cases, including hospitals and home care.The project will study and test health use cases in real 5G and health careenvironments in international cooperation with hospitals, health careprofessionals, companies and research institutes.

VTT Technical Research Centre ofFinland  Ltd is one of the leading research and technology organizationsin Europe.  VTT has a national mandate in Finland. We use our research andknowledge to provide expert services for our domestic and internationalcustomers and partners.  We serve both private and public sectors.

In Smart health area our developmentactivities focus on health monitoring, human data analysis and application andservice design. We develop tools and services that enable smarter decisions forhealth and wellbeing. Intelligent products help individuals and professionalsto better understand and manage individual health-related behavior. VTT hasstrong expertise in artificial intelligence, data analytics and sensortechnologies, and their application to the area of health and wellbeing.

In the future we envision, people areempowered to care for their own health and wellbeing. It's a world in whichpersonal health and clinical solutions are seamlessly integrated.

We help healthcare clients developpersonalized services that fit individual consumer needs. Our pragmaticapproach stems from a deep knowledge of the medical sphere combined withstate-of-the-art engineering competences. We are actively involved in currenthealth ecosystem projects and significant European innovation initiatives.



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