Prof. Dr.med. Christoph Thümmler

ProfessorThümmler is the Director of the Centre of Geriatric Medicine at HeliosPark-Klinikum, Leipzig, Germany and also Professor of eHealth at EdinburghNapier University.

ProfessorThümmler studied Medicine, Political Science and Education at HeidelbergUniversity where he also earned his PhD in Neurology. He completed specialisttraining in General Medicine, General Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine andGeriatric Medicine while working in several posts in Germany and the UnitedKingdom. Since 2004 he has been working with Edinburgh Napier University’sSchool of Computing where he became Full Professor in 2010. Christoph has beeninvolved in national and international research in the areas of the Internet ofThings, Cloud Computing and 5G over the last decade. He also served as anadvisor to the European Commission during the IoT round table discussions withChina on IoT and eHealth topics. Since the beginning of the European 5G-PPPprogram he has taken on rolls as convener of 5G-eHealth topics on behalf of5G-PPP and the European Commission. Christoph has worked with several companiesamong them Teva and Huawei on 5G topics and has co-authored several whitepapers in the 5G-health domain. He is a member of the standardization workinggroup of the German regulator for telecommunication Bundesnetzagentur and isalso an IEEE Senior Member.

Heliosis Europe’s largest private provider of Health services running around 150hospitals in Germany and Spain. Helios is a 100% daughter of Fresenius, a largemanufacturer of medical devices and also provider of health services in theUnited States. Connectivity and signal processing technologies are of greatinterest to these companies and as such 5G has become a major interest overrecent years.

EdinburghNapier University has set a focus on Cybersecurity and blockchain technology,two topics of major interest in the context of 5G application across thedifferent verticals from fintec over autonomous driving to health care.



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