Rihards Gailums

TechEntrepreneur. Product Architect. Advocate of exponential technologies. Promoterof Silicon Valley ecosystem. Tech startup ecosystem advocate and mentor. Meetuporganizer.

Founder ofcouple tech startups, related NGOs and meetup groups.

Latestfounded startup is Portland, OR based ‘PILOT Automotive Labs’ developingtechnology for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Experiencein autonomy and self-driving project management in US, Asia- Singapore and HongKong and Europe. Maintaining partnerships with Infiniti Motors, Jaguar LandRover, Intel etc.

Passionateabout self-driving cars, robots, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies, computervision, parallel programming, machine learning, automotive applications.

Valuableexperience in MNO and MVNO business models, computer network architecture, techfinance modelling, corporate strategy development, cross-border relationshipsand market research.

Know-how intelecom regulatory issues and competition laws.

Widenetwork of technology and venture capital industry contacts in Silicon Valleyand Europe.

Pastjob experience includes global telco company Alcatel, creating of telco startupBeta Telecom and enterprise, governmental consulting company Nexus Consulting.

About PILOT Automotive Labs

PILOTAutomotive Labs Inc. is tech startup with the goal to make safer and moreefficient transportation to save time, costs and mitigating traffic bydeveloping affordable controllers for semi and fully connected autonomousvehicles.

Alumni ofJaguar Land Rover and Infiniti/Nissan accelerators, headquartered in Portland,OR with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe.

Coreproducts are Drive by Wire controllers for aftermarket, electrical andindustrial vehicles, drive by wire conversion services for aftermarket andindustrial vehicles, virtual rail applications, automotive connectivityapplications – real time teleoperation and autonomous driving data collectionand processing.

Autonomousand semi-autonomous vehicle Proof of Concept projects with one of the largestchipmakers and real estate developers in Hong Kong.



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