Younes Allaki

Younes Allaki is the chief technology officer

of 1NCE, the provider of a revolutionary connectivity offering for IoT thatenables IoT applications and services to access connectivity on a buy once,flat rate fee for ten years.

Having held senior management positions withinthe mobile and M2M/IoT markets, Younes Allaki has a deep understanding of thechallenges of providing cost effective mobile connectivity and the specificrequirements of IoT applications. He has worked asproject manager at Telefonica and Vodafone GmbH creating and implementing newMVNO products within the mobile discounter market in Germany.

Immediately beforejoining 1NCE, which launched at MWC this year, Younes Allaki was vice presidentof M2M/IoT service development within the Group Innovation unit at DeutscheTelekom. In this role he was responsible for the plan, build and run ofthe M2M/IoT platform,addressing many verticals. In the past 7 months he and his team at 1NCEdeveloped a blueprint for a first 5G-platform core network which enables moreflexibility to integrate different virtual EPC provider and which will be IaaSagnostic.


1NCE – a strategic Partner of Deutsche TelekomAG – offers advanced IoT connectivity solutions, specially designed for B2Bapplications in various sectors such as Smart City, Smart Mobility or Asset Tracking.Built on future proof technology, we provide seamless IoT connectivity acrossEurope (EU 28+2) and other geographies, including Russia, Belarus and theUkraine.

As an IoT-native company, 1NCE is a pioneerin the development of new network technology and innovations such as an IoTflat rate and the lifetime fee pricing model. The company is not only the firstMVNO worldwide to provide NB-IoT connectivity as a standard feature, it hasalso managed to develop a blueprint for a first 5G-platform core network –thereby laying the foundation for the 5G future and supporting IoT growth on amassive scale.



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