Catana Eusebiu

Senior manager I&D

Eusebiu Catana is a Senior manager in Innovation & Deployment department at ERTICO-ITS Europe. Within ERTICO, he has been a project coordinator for the CO-GISTICS, AEOLIX, FENIX, CONCORDA and 5G-LOGINNOV projects. His areas of expertise are: DSS platforms, AI/ML, IoT and 5G.

Previously he has worked as a Technical Consultant for about 20 years for top technology companies in Europe and USA (e.g. projects: On-Star, Vehicle Telematics, TRIDENT, OTAP, etc). Additionally Catana has been a leader of the team1-conceptual interoperability of Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DG-MVE-DTLF) and now is a member of the Steering DTLF Committee under DGMOVE. He's also a vice-chair of the ALICE-ETP.

Catana holds a PhD in Telematics, Master degree in Electronics and Industrial management.

Interesting Fact:

Back in 2002 in Munich Catana was awarded the “Best XML award for the ITS project development” from the IT industry.