Evangelos Ouzounis

Head of Secure Infrastructures and Services Unit

Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis is the head of ENISA’s Secure Infrastructure and Services Unit. His unit leads ENISA’s efforts to the NIS Directive (NISD) implementation. It assists the EU Commission and EU Member States in developing a harmonised approach by evolving numerous actionable, good practices on horizontal as well as sectorial aspects of the NISD (e.g. telecoms, energy, health, finance). His team also facilitates the establishment of sectorial Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) at EU level.

Dr. Ouzounis is also responsible for Telecom Security within ENISA. His team has contributed in the development of the 5G toolbox, the good practices for Electronic Communications Code (EECC) and in the past the first ever pan-European incident reporting mechanism (article 13 a).

Additionally Evangelos manages areas of Artificial Intelligence, IoT security and Smart Infrastructures within ENISA. His team developed baseline security requirements for these areas widely adopted by public and private stakeholders. Currently, his team leads ENISA’s efforts on the secure deployment of Artificial Intelligence in emerging applications and services.