Jurģis Poriņš

Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications
Riga Technical University

Jurgis Porins is a full professor and dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at Riga Technical University. He obtained Ph.D. Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications with specialization in fiber optics and optical signal processing in Riga Technical University (RTU), Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET), Institute of Telecommunications, Latvia in 2008.

Jurgis is actively involved in several scientific projects, including European Structure Fund based projects as project supervisor and senior researcher in the field of telecommunications. Under his supervision, several Master's and PhD’s thesis have been developed and defended.

Currently, Jurgis is an expert of The Latvian Council of Science in the field "Electronics and Telecommunications.”, a Corresponding Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, a member of the RTU Scientific Council, chairman of RTU Council of the FET, member of RTU Senate and vice chairman of RTU Senate Strategy Commission and member of the Electronic Communications Industry Council of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

His main research experience is related to wired and wireless communication systems, high-speed fiber optic transmission systems, and nonlinear fiber optics.