Konstantinos Chalkiotis

Vice President 5G Solutions / Access & Home Networks
Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. K. Chalkiotis joined Deutsche Telekom Group Technology in 2013 as the Vice President in Mobile Access. Since 2018 Konstantinos is responsible for Access & Home Networks in DT group defining the strategy, architecture and innovation.

Currently he is the Vice President responsible for E2E 5G Solutions as well as for Access and Home Networks in Strategy & Technology Innovation and working for Technology Architecture & Innovation (TAI). He works to define and revise the architecture, strategy, steer the innovation and define the high level design (including the standardization) for E2E 5G Solutions in the company. Main technologies addressed are LTE-A, LTE – A Pro, NB-IoT/LTE-Cat-M and 5G technologies.

Konstantinos has 20 years of work experience in telecommunications. He has published 27 articles in per reviewed scientific journals and 2 books, has participated in development of IEEE C95.1/2005 and has had 57 announcements in international conferences.

Interesting Fact:

Dr. K. Chalkiotis holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Computing along with B.Sc. in Physics and Electrical Eng. & Computing.