Mikael Lind

Senior Strategic Research Advisor
Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Dr Mikael Lind is Associate Professor and Senior Strategic Research Advisor at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). He has initiated and headed a substantial part of several open innovation initiatives related to ICT for sustainable transports of people and goods.

Mikael is also working part-time at the Chalmers University of technology (M2), Sweden, where he's exploring the opportunity of maritime informatics as an applied research field. Additionally, he serves as an expert for World Economic Forum, Europe’s Digital Transport Logistic Forum (DTLF), and UN/CEFACT.

Dr Lind has been the lead author of many concept notes associated to maritime and transport informatics brought up by international trade press and has become recognized thought leader in Maritime Informatics. He has also served as mini-track chair for Maritime Informatics at the major regional IS conferences in Europe and the Americas for several years.