Nanda Menon

Director - Corporate Development & Strategic Sales

Nanda is the Director for Strategic Sales and Corporate Development at Athonet.

He holds a 25+ years of experience in Corporate Development, M&A and Special Situations Investing in London covering Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Nanda additionally has a sector experience in TMT, General Industrials/Defence and Mining.

Athonet deployed the world's first private LTE network for multinational utility ENEL in 2011 in partnership with Mobile operator WIND. Today the company is the industry's only supplier of professional-grade mobile core networks which combine the reliability, feature-sets and 24x7 SLAs of MNO networks with an extremely user-friendly footprint and a user-interface that is designed for enterprises and public safety.

Interesting Fact:

Author of the book "Going for Gold" - published by Penguin (2015).