Catana Eusebiu


Eusebiu Catana is a Senior manager in Innovation & Deployment department at ERTICO-ITS Europe. Within ERTICO, he has been a project coordinator for the CO-GISTICS, AEOLIX, FENIX, CONCORDA and 5G-LOGINNOV projects. His areas of expertise are: DSS platforms, AI/ML, IoT and 5G.

Previously he has worked as a Technical Consultant for about 20 years for top technology companies in Europe and USA (e.g. projects: On-Star, Vehicle Telematics, TRIDENT, OTAP, etc). Additionally Catana has been a leader of the team1-conceptual interoperability of Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DG-MVE-DTLF) and now is a member of the Steering DTLF Committee under DGMOVE. He’s also a vice-chair of the ALICE-ETP.

Catana holds a PhD in Telematics, Master degree in Electronics and Industrial management.

Interesting fact

Back in 2002 in Munich Catana was awarded the “Best XML award for the ITS project development” from the IT industry.