Christian Regnier


Christian Regnier worked in the Air France KLM group for 22 years before leaving in September 2021 to create PRIVINNET. He is also a co-founder of the AGURRE association (Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseau Radio d’Entreprise), which was created in 2012.

In the same way, but to extend to the European space, Christian Regnier is currently co-founding EUWENA (European Users of Wireless Enterprise Network Association) around private 4G, 5G networks and all services and needs around the critical and operational networks.

In 2017, at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CdG), Christian initiated one of the first private LTE network experiments. In 2019 he won The International Critical Communication Award 2019 (ICCA 2019) in the category “Greatest advance in the Migration to critical Broadband” with the POC of Private LTE in Roissy airport.

On July 14, 2021, Christian Regnier was awarded the Medal of Aeronautics by the Minister of Transport for his work (private 4G/5G networks) in the service of French aeronautics.