Colin Willcock

Chairman of the Governing Board 6G IA

Colin has detailed knowledge and experience in telecommunications, having worked directly or indirectly with many major players for over 28 years. His roles have included software developer, technical consultant, technical marketing, standardization, and management. 

The software development has been at the project and product levels, including responsibility for customer relations and software QA procedures. The management has been at the project, program, group, and competence level, often involving multi-site and multi-country responsibilities. 

In addition to line manager roles, Colin has participated extensively in standardization activities at ETSI, ITU-T, and 3GPP, including instrumental work in creating and developing the TTCN-3 testing language. Colin has also been active in the European research ecosystem, leading several award-winning European projects such as TT-Medal, D-MINT, and SEMAFOUR. 

Interesting fact:

Colin Willcock holds an MSc. in Astronomical Technology from the University of Edinburgh and a Ph.D. in Parallel Computation from the University of Kent at Canterbury.