Daniela Petrovic

Delivery Director Darwin Innovation Group

Daniela Petrovic is a Transformation Delivery Director with more than 20 years of experience assisting mobile operators’ top management teams across Europe and Asia to set and execute planned and emergent strategies in innovation and new technologies.

She holds two Master’s Degrees – in Engineering and Business Management (University of Oxford, UK). Daniela works closely with Venture Capital organizations and Private Equity Funds in helping innovative startups reach broader audiences and expand their market potential.

She believes in blurring industry boundaries that will drive transformation in products and services, especially in the common areas of telecom-health, telecom-space, and telecom-energy. Daniela is equally enthusiastic about creating strategies for new products in the marketplace and creating brand new markets for the products.

Daniela is the co-founder of Darwin Innovation Group, a highly successful startup based in Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, Glasgow University, and Malaga Technology Park Andalusia, Spain. It focuses on implementing telecom-space solutions to connected autonomous vehicles and creating broader ubiquitous services. Daniela believes that government-industry-academia is the triangle shaping the future of innovation.