David Lund

Coordinator of BroadWay, BroadGNSS and preparing for BroadNet Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE)

David is the Board Member of PSCE and coordinator of BroadWay PCP and preparing for BroadNet – the live system based on BroadWay, bringing pan-European mobile broadband to enable Operational Mobility, European responders’ ability to communicate via secure and reliable mission-critical mobile broadband at all times. Operational mobility will improve response efficiency, making European society safer in the fight against crime and terrorism and saving lives in the face of disaster.

David is also Board Member of the 6G-IA since March 2021, contributing to the continued innovation in Smart Networks and Services. He holds a research background that maintains a leading-edge capability in Cyber Security and Resilient Communications, which are the core fundamental factors required to achieve trustworthy communication.

David is strongly involved in EC Framework Programmes and national activities, working closely with leading universities, industry, and government stakeholders.