David Lund

Coordinator Public Safety Communication Europe Forum

David Lund has been a Board of Public Safety Communication Europe member since 2013. He currently coordinates the program, a partnership of 16+ EU governments/agencies supporting the technological development of the EU critical communication system, EUCCS.

David is also Board Member of the 6G Infrastructure Association (6G-IA) since March 2021, contributing to the continued innovation in Smart Networks and Services (SNS-JU), a European Partnership steering €900M research and innovation funding within the Horizon Europe program.

Mr. Lund has a 20+ year research and innovation background that maintains a leading-edge capability in cybersecurity and Resilient Communications, the core fundamental factors required to achieve Trustworthy Communication. He gained a Ph.D. in Communication Systems in 2001, specializing in Information Theory, the mathematical foundation of Coding (Error Control), and Cryptography.