Elina Lidere


Elina Lidere has over 20 years of first-hand experience in the communications sector. She currently holds the 5G Innovation Lead role at LMT and is a 5G expert at the Latvia Internet and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA).

She has overseen the communications regarding the launch of PayTV over the mobile network, which was nominated for the MWC 5G Pioneer award, as well as the launch of one of the world’s first COVID-19 contact tracing apps, ApturiCovid, among others.

She is an active participant in the civic community as a mentor at Riga Tech Girls, various startup and student hackathons, innovation movement Vefresh, and more.

Interesting fact

‍Elina is an avid supporter of the “tech for everyone” principle. Not only is she an active Riga Tech Girls member, she has also co-founded an initiative where parents teach children to draw 3D drawings and animations in Blender.