Erik Christian Lund

HEAD OF IOT TRACKING DIVISION Sony Network Communications Europe

Erik Christian Lund is the head of Visilion, the asset-tracking and supply chain visibility solution provided by Sony Network Communications Europe. Based on IoT and 5G-enabled technology, Visilion allows manufacturers of critical and high-value assets, as well as logistics service providers, to gain control over the supply chain.

Erik has extensive experience in transport and logistics, combined with valuable experience in technology, working in the enterprise software space. In previous roles, he was also involved in strategy consultancy and the telecommunications sector, particularly related to IoT and digital security. He is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having collaborated with several start-ups and worked with corporate innovation and venture building in the maritime and logistics space, and having built businesses of his own in technology and real estate.

Originally from Denmark, Erik has acquired a global perspective thanks to several long-term overseas assignments – in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the U.S. and around Europe – before assuming this position with Visilion at Sony Network Communications Europe in Lund, Sweden.

Interesting fact

Erik holds a BA in Logistics combined with an executive MBA from HEC Paris, majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation.