Ian Shatwell

Senior Consultant Net Reply

Ian has been working in IT security for over twenty years, gaining widespread experience across policy development and governance, requirements analysis, technical design and building, operations and managed services, assurance, and enterprise-level architecture and integration. He has worked across many different client areas, including retail, aerospace, finance, defense, public sector, energy, and telecommunications.

The experience has shown Ian that although everybody has their specific requirements, security basics are genuinely universal. The ever-growing need for communication links means that 5G services will be the platform on which many services will soon depend. Securing that platform will be vital but challenging, both from a technical viewpoint and staying compliant with an increasing number of data privacy and regulatory frameworks.

Net Reply is a leading provider of services in this field, being specialists both in IT security services and advanced telecommunications systems, backed up by the vast range of other specialists in over 120 Reply group companies worldwide.