Jan olov johansson

Jan-Olov Johansson

Senior Project Manager Luleå University of Technology

Jan-Olov Johansson is a senior project manager at the Centre for distance-spanning Technology at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden (CDT-LTU).

He has 35+ years of professional experience in the development of technical systems, mainly within the telecom industry.

He has experience in Academy-Industry collaboration in Research-Development-Innovation (RDI) projects. Application areas include user-development of mobile services, energy saving, inclusive design, IoT, datacenters.

European project experience includes management of the ERDF SATIN project enabling app-developing for non-programmers, national coordination of the SMART CAMPUS CIP project for saving energy at campuses, coordination of H2020 application “Opened” on introducing efficient methods for storing and retrieving public data. Jan-Olov was managing the cascading funding WP in the H2020 OrganiCity project, enhancing the ability for citizens and companies to build services on IoT-generated urban data, as well as managing an ERDF project aiming to support the datacentre and cloud industry in north Sweden.

Jan-Olov is currently managing projects in the datacenter and 5G business area.