Janez Sterle


Dr. Janez Sterle is the founder and the CEO of the INTERNET INSTITUTE. His main area of technical work includes network design, planning, service management, testing, and implementation in production networks for LTE/4G and 5G systems, NATO and PPDR enabled tactical telecommunication system, and test, measurement, and verification of state-of-the-art protocols and technologies.

Dr. Sterle holds industrial certificates and various U.S. patents (US 8,885,511; US 8,699,341; US 8,483,059; US 8,472,334) in the field of mobile systems. He has an established track record of research and development and production-grade projects in communications, safety, and security sectors, including EC’s H2020 projects 5G-LOGINNOV, Int5Gent, 5GASP, EVOLVED-5G, 5G-IANA, MATILDA-5G on the topic of 5G.

On strategic and technical levels, Janez cooperates closely with the respective industries, practitioners, regulatory, and legislative bodies.