Jānis Bārda

Chairman of the Board VAS Elektroniskie sakari (Electronic Communications Office of Latvia)

Jānis Bārda is the Chairman of the Board at the Electronic Communications Office of Latvia (ECO), a state-owned joint-stock company that provides management of limited resources (radiofrequency spectrum and numbering).

Under Jānis’ management, various efficiency and internal process optimization standards have been implemented. He has guided the company to steady growth and significant improvement in its financial performance.

Before becoming Chairman of the Board, he was Director of the Administrative Department for several years. Jānis Bārda is also involved in the Latvian Digital Accelerator, where he serves as the Chairman of the Board. The Accelerator was established in 2020 to promote developing and implementing digital platforms, products, and services to help Latvian companies and the public sector identify and use digital opportunities.