Jaroslaw Tworog

Vice President of the Executive Board Polish Chamber of Commerce on Electronics and Telecommunications

Jaroslaw Tworog is the Vice President of the Executive Board of KIGEiT. He’s also been a member of the Council of the Polish Committee for Standardisation and the Council of Informatisation for the three terms of office with the minister responsible for digitisation.

He promotes knowledge about the possibilities of increasing productivity through an integrated approach to the digitisation of enterprises and organisations. He presents Industry 4.0 as one of the manifestations of the emergence of a new organization of socio-economic life – a knowledge society. Tworog believes that the prerequisite for creating conditions for the development of the Internet of Things in Poland is allowing the widest range of intelligent services to be marketed, which will accelerate the entry into the next generation of broadband networks (5G, NGA) and their profitability.  

He is the author of the concept of building a Polish industrial specialisation in the ICT industry based on production of equipment for smart power grids and for the micro-energy installations market. Tworog was the main author of KIGEiT’s Programme for Digital Development of Industry and Infrastructure.