Joann O’Brien


She is a transformative technology leader who has led the development of two of the most successful areas of TM Forum Industry Association, Open APIs and Business Architecture. The Open APIs from concept to global adoption in the Telecommunications industry which has transformed interoperability in the sector and the Business Architecture methodology as the pivotal framework to enable capability driven CSP diversification for growth into and beyond new market opportunities.

Joann has over 25 years industry experience, initially in consumer electronics and subsequently in Telecommunications working at network and OSS/BSS architectural layers. She is TM Forum’s representative on Global Industry Organisations (GIO), leading the Digital Health focused initiative and represents TM Forum on NGIoT, Next Generation IoT and advisory board to the European Union and on the advisory board for Global He@lth 2030 Taskforce. Joann also leads TM Forum’s representation in the 5GEM, Enabled Manufacturing project, a consortium lead by Ford Motor Car and Vodafone.

Joann graduated with first class honors and holds a BSc in Information Technology majoring in Telecommunications from Dublin City University and an MBA from Open University.