John Martin Tully


John Martin Tully has been working in IT in Latvia since the mid-1990s. He is also the founder of the Genomics Data Network and the Latvian Pediatric Cancer Initiative that will offer free genetic testing for all pediatric cancer patients in Latvia. This summer Mr. Tully was elected as a member of the board at the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

John is a strong believer in the future of bioinformatics and whole genome sequencing as the best way to fight cancer. His vision is to promote education and help scientists benefit from the rapid technological advances – so that technology can truly serve humanity.

MikroTik, founded almost a quarter-century ago, is supporting “big data” networks and cancer research in a number of ways. As the CEO, John has been focusing on the development of cost-effective, secure and powerful wireless technologies – from 60 GHz solutions to LTE, and now – 5G.

MikroTik products are used by ISPs, individual users, and companies for building data network infrastructures all around the world – even in space research, ocean research, and on Mount Everest.

Interesting fact

John Martin Tully was the co-founder of Latnet Serviss, one of the first Internet service providers in Latvia.