Karlis Vilcins


Karlis is a member of the LMT mobility team, leading the development of innovative business cases that solve road safety and mobility problems in cooperation with local municipalities, governmental bodies, and a powerful in-house R&D team.

One of his main achievements is the development and implementation of the “road safety as a service” concept. Within the concept, a third party provides a plug-and-play solution on top of the existing municipal infrastructure to increase its “smart” functionality to ensure a safer urban environment. The solution can be independently implemented at any specific problem-sites (such as locations of frequent accidents) as it does not rely on existing connections and modern infrastructure to be available.

Karlis is experienced across various industries, particularly focusing on sectors with high added value. He’s deeply interested in IoT, green economy and sustainability solutions.

Interesting fact

Since 2015 Karlis is a Board Member of Jurmala city Protection Society, which ensures that Jurmala city council takes responsible and sustainable decisions when planning development of the city.