Līga Ellere


Liga Ellere leads an international Consortium that introduces state-of-the-art VR training technologies to European military medical personnel. She has hands-on experience guiding a group of European SMEs on an inspiring journey, placing tech innovations on the radar of decision-makers for defense procurements within the EU and NATO Allies.

With a solid academic background, including an MBA in Innovation Management and an MSS in Public Management, Liga directs Exonicus R&D, the European affiliate of Exonicus Inc. This global software developer pioneers unique solutions that empower military medical professionals to train independently without requiring instructors or traditional training tools.

Liga’s journey also includes serving as the Country Coordinator for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries program, where she facilitated a digital transformation in Latvian public libraries by introducing computer technologies, Internet connectivity, and digital competency training. Afterward, she transitioned to the telco sector, promoting cloud solutions for businesses.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Liga advocates for the digital inclusion of non-profit organizations as an Ambassador of TechSoup, the world’s most extensive tech philanthropy program.