Marc Jadoul


Marc Jadoul is marketing strategist at Nokia for Industries. In this role, he is defining the go-to-market strategy and shaping audience-centric campaigns for mining and oil & gas segments. He is working with key stakeholders across the business, defining use cases that stretch across networking technologies and IoT and analytics solutions and services.

With more than two decades of experience in the ICT sector, Marc has held positions in research & innovation, strategy, marketing and communications, business development, and solutions consulting.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Brussels. He is a passionate B2B storyteller, aspiring thought leader, perennial blogger, author, co-author and ghost author of more than 250 papers, magazine articles, interviews, and conference presentations, and a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events.

Over the past years Marc has published white papers, opinion pieces and blog posts, and has delivered conference presentations, public lectures, and interviews about technology trends, digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and use cases for smart cities, connected cars, industrial automation, etc.

Interesting fact

He is a native Dutch speaker, fluent in English and with good working knowledge of French.