Martin Beltrop

Senior Director Enterprise Campus Edge Nokia

At the beginning of 2019, Martin Beltrop was appointed Senior Director of Portfolio Management for Nokia Enterprise Solutions. In this role, he oversees Nokia’s private wireless business portfolio, serving various vertical markets like manufacturing, logistics, transportation, energy, and the public sector. Nokia Enterprise Solutions enables the digitalization of asset-intensive industries with mission and business-critical needs, providing high-performance private wireless networks and digital automation solutions.

Between 2017 and 2019, Martin Beltrop led the Automotive Business for Nokia Mobile Networks. In this role, he managed Nokia’s connected car business and the associated research and development activities.

Martin has 20+ years of mobile telecommunications experience, including more than six years of work in private wireless networks business development. Before his assignment as Senior Director of Portfolio Management for Nokia Enterprise, Martin held various senior roles inside Nokia, from Research and Development Program Management and Head of Product Management to Head of Portfolio and Strategy for advanced mobile network solutions serving multiple vertical markets with network technology.

Mr. Beltrop is passionate about digitalization, 4IR, and the value of mobile network technologies.