Michael Nilsson

Project Manager Centre for Distance-spanning Technology

Michael has over 30 years of experience managing business and technology development, research and innovation, change, and financial administration disciplines associated with successfully managed projects in a wide array of companies and organizations. With 13 years of experience in aerospace engineering and 20 years in an academic (ICT) research-innovation environment close to industrial applied research, he has contributed to the establishment of products, services, business models, RDI-centers/networks, research programs involving stakeholders in research activities, encouraging an efficient transfer of knowledge creating new products, services and companies and new research programs.

Today Mr. Nilsson is involved in ICT research/innovation activities and relations. He is engaged in academic and industry initiatives to strengthen Swedish competitiveness with regard to research, innovation, and development of Information and Communication Technologies. 

Michael has successfully led the work as coordinator of EC research and innovation projects within areas such as Future Internet Research and Experimentation. Many projects have been successfully concluded and managed over the years with results, new knowledge, transferred and used within communities/projects, cities, and companies.