Nicolas Waern

CEO/Founder, Strategy Advisor & Digital Twin Specialist WINNIIO

Nicolas Waern is a globally recognized change-maker and industry analyst with a firm belief that we can solve all the problems in the world with enough time and that we have the necessary ingredients except time.

Nicolas has dedicated his life to finding ways to accelerate global change irrespective of industry, place, and time. In 2021, he created the master recipe on how companies can simulate the future to transcend the now and fold space and time to solve critical challenges 99% faster than before.

Nicolas is a Reality Researcher, Digital Twin Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Metaverse Master, and Strategy & Innovation Advisor, also having the role of CEO and founder of WINNIIO Consulting.

He is actively looking to connect with people that share his planetary purpose and are passionate about changing the speed of adaptation for modern technologies across different industries. The time is now. Why not make the world great again?